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Bundesliga and 2nd league - about mock giants and magicians

The best 2nd division of all time, this time for real

A few years ago some resourceful journalists had a pretty clever idea. You worked for German sports television (DSF), which reported intensively on the 2nd Bundesliga for many years. So at some point the broadcaster praised its programs by referring to the "best second division ever" at.

The DSF no longer exists, but the saying has stayed the same. Perhaps, however, they were a little too hasty with their judgment at DSF, because the 2021/22 season could actually be the best second division of all time.

When it says the second division, but you think of the Bundesliga

So you don't have to worry about the attractiveness of the 2nd division, because there are also teams like Hannover 96, 1. FC Nürnberg and Fortuna Düsseldorf. Dynamo Dresden is promoted from the 3rd division, Hansa Rostock has at least secured the relegation, they are still hoping for 1860 Munich.

It fits in with this development that the top game in the league will no longer take place on Monday evening from the coming season, but on Saturday at 8.30 p.m. Best airtime, they would have written earlier. Just imagine that Schalke would then receive HSV, possibly again in front of fans. That would actually be a second division game whose charisma would be first class.

For the Bundesliga, the loss of such traditional brands is not such a good sign, with all due respect for the possible newcomers from Fürth and Kiel. But football is not a matter in which there are points for nostalgia values. For that you need goals and a functioning defense.

The HSV is not a role model

At HSV, Horst Hrubesch took over as interim coach a few weeks ago in order to manage what the talented and phlegmatic squad under ex-coach Daniel Thioune had failed to do: to end the season at least in third place.

In the first game, Hamburg won 5-2, it was rousing football and suddenly there was euphoria again. A few days later, HSV lost in Osnabrück - and the dream of returning to the Bundesliga was over. Hrubesch said: "That hurts. But you have to be clear: We don't deserve it either."

In the coming season, another coach will dare to make a new attempt. The people of Hamburg have not yet announced who it will be. Sports director Jonas Boldt said: "We'll let that sink in, rearrange ourselves and attack again."

It will be the fourth attempt of the once so glorious HSV - at Schalke and possibly also in Cologne and Bremen they should look for other role models. A look at Fürth couldn't hurt.

As of: May 21, 2021, 10:00