Are there vacuum cleaners that disinfect carpets?

Clean and care for deep pile carpets

You remove stains in your deep-pile carpetimmediately if possible. The longer you wait to clean, the less chance there is of removing the stain without leaving any permanent marks. It is important that you treat your carpet carefully: Vigorous rubbing or brushing as well as aggressive cleaning agents can lead to permanent damage to the carpet.

Solid, sticky dirt you pick it up carefully with a spoon, for example. You can simply vacuum away loose dirt. You dab liquids with one absorbent cloth from. Always work from the edge of the stain towards the center of the stain. Then dab the area with a damp cloth (do not rub). Let the water soak in and then dab around with a dry cloth to absorb loosened dirt. If necessary, repeat this process a time or two.

Stain remover or carpet foam you should only use it if you are unsuccessful with clear water. This is because stain removers and carpet foam can discolour the carpet. It is therefore best to test the effect beforehand on an invisible spot or on a piece of carpet. Then wear that cleaning supplies on the stain and massage it in gently with a cloth.

When using stain removers, follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and the Care instructions from the carpet manufacturer. You can pick up loosened dirt with a dry area of ​​the same cloth. Then clean with clear water and pat the area of ​​the stain dry with a kitchen towel.

As Alternative to chemical cleaning agents you can try cleaning the carpet with a safe home remedy. Mostly snow, baking soda, and shaving cream are there popular home remedies. However, it is not advisable to use shaving foam, as not all products are suitable here and can damage the carpet. In addition, sticky residues from the shaving foam can remain in the carpet, which in turn hold dirt in the carpet.

The Cleaning the carpet with snow is like a gentler wet cleaning: the carpet does not get completely wet here. Cover the carpet with a layer of snow and carefully work the snow into it with a scrubber. Then you can simply knock the snow out of the carpet.

You do a similar thing with baking powder: That Scatter powder on the carpet, work in thoroughly but gently with a scrubber, leave it on overnight and then vacuum it off thoroughly.