Let the Democrats read Donald Trump's books

Dangerous revelations : Why the Bolton Book Could Harm the US President

Two more “tell it all” books about Donald Trump in which the president is portrayed as ignorant? A man who is not very interested in facts and details, who unhesitatingly violates regulations and laws, is always only out for his own personal gain and who puts aside central national interests himself.

The two new titles, which arouse curiosity and malice in the US, can be more dangerous to him than previous publications, which were also marketed as alleged disclosure books by alleged insiders.

Unlike their authors, Trump's former security advisor, John Bolton, has a considerable credibility bonus among conservatives. This also applies to his niece Mary Trump, daughter of his brother Fred, who died early, on another level, through family membership. Her description of Donald Trump's shoddy behavior in family and inheritance matters is due to appear at the end of July.

Mustache Bolton looks trustworthy to typical Trump voters. You can now get into a loyalty conflict in the election year. That is where the political explosiveness lies. Bolton is a staunch conservative and foreign policy hawk.

This ideological closeness and this “one of us” feeling did not apply to ex-FBI boss James Comey, Trump's black communications chief Omarosa Manigault Newman, or to journalist Michael Wolff when the books critical of Trump were published. It was easy for the president to label them as characters who had always been unreliable and half in the Democratic camp.

The allegations: proximity to dictators, abuse of office, ignorance

Foreign policy ignorance, closeness to dictators, abuse of office: such accusations get more weight when the ex-security advisor makes them. Therefore, the White House is trying to judge the publication of the book "The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir" to stop. D.

the public damage has long been there. Progressive media like the “New York Times” and conservative ones like the “Wall Street Journal” have already published spicy excerpts from the Bolton indictment.

Trump therefore lacks basic foreign policy knowledge. He is prone to flattery from dictators and abuses his office for personal purposes. Bolton writes that Trump deserved impeachment proceedings not only because of the allegations in the Ukraine affair, but because of other cases. He stopped criminal investigations against China and Turkey.

This of course attracts counterattacks to Bolton. Why is he only now making this public? Why didn't he testify in impeachment proceedings?

Allegedly, Trump asked China for electoral assistance

His description of the conversation between Trump and China's President Xi on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Japan in June 2019 is explosive. Trump had bluntly asked Xi for campaign help. So he did what the Democrats told him to impeach with Ukraine.

Xi complained about anti-Chinese forces in the US who wanted a new Cold War. Trump then spoke about the 2020 US election. China can ensure that if Beijing buys more soybeans and wheat, it will win thanks to the votes of the US farmers.

In the election campaign, Trump turns the allegations around, also with a view to China. His rival, the Democrat Joe Biden, shows too much closeness to China. He, Trump, puts Beijing in its place with punitive tariffs, corona and the geostrategic power struggle.

Embarrassing anecdote about Secretary of State Pompeo

Embarrassing for Foreign Minister Pompeo and his relationship with Trump: According to Bolton, Pompeo slipped a note at Trump's meeting with North Korea's ruler Kim Jong Un in 2018: Trump was talking so much crap. Another accusation: The dates in which the US secret services inform Trump of their findings are "a pure waste of time". Instead of listening, talk Trump.

Bolton's judgment that Trump has little knowledge of foreign policy fits into the well-known picture. He asked whether Finland was part of Russia and whether Britain was a nuclear power. Trump also considered invading Venezuela.

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The sheer number of pre-orders - allegedly over a million copies, catapulting the book to the top of the bestseller lists in the US before it appears - is not yet an indication that the content will put Trump's re-election at risk. Among the buyers there are probably many political opponents who are greedy for malice about Trump. You wouldn't be voting for him anyway. More important is how previous Trump supporters get doubts. That will be shown by the surveys of the next few weeks.

The niece's indictment

The potential explosiveness of Trump's niece Mary's book also lies in the effect it has on Trump voters. Family is an important value to conservatives. In "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man", the 55-year-old psychologist describes the Trump clan as a broken family, in which, of course, nobody - except her - dares to tell the truth. The childhood of her father Fred and younger brother Donald was a nightmare with "trauma, destructive relationships and a tragic combination of neglect and abuse".

Fred fell out with the family and died at the age of 42 of a heart attack, which was probably a result of his alcohol addiction. Neither father nor brother Donald would have stood by him against the addiction. She also claims that Uncle Donald took advantage of her in distributing her grandfather's inheritance.

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