Why are exes blocking you

7 reasons why he blocked you

Social media interactions are different from face-to-face conversation, which means we are not always sure how to deal with some of the problems that arise from this type of communication.

It's easy to misunderstand something someone is saying or doing on social media.

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Have you tried reaching out to someone you like only to find that you have been blocked?

When this happens, most of us will go through a range of emotions.

At first you may be amazed, then you may be confused, and finally you will wonder why he blocked you.

Instead of tormenting yourself with questions, explore some of the reasons a guy blocked you on social media.

1. He's trying to hide something

If the guy you are dating suddenly prevents you from reaching him or seeing his pictures online, then it is possible that he is trying to hide something from you.

If this happens to my girlfriends, it's usually because their boyfriend is on a guys outing or a night out and he doesn't want you to see his stories or uploads.

But don't always assume you've been blocked for the worst of reasons!

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One of my friends was blocked because her boyfriend was preparing to surprise her with a marriage proposal and engagement party!

He invited all of her friends and had to post invitations without her knowing.

So the lesson is not to jump to conclusions. Stay with your judgment until you find out what the real reason for the blockage was.

2. He needs some time and space to process things

Men are different from women in many ways.

Women usually prefer to talk to other people about the difficulties they are going through, while men usually need to take time out to deal with the problems on their own.

Then the conflict begins because a woman insists on talking on the subject, what is the last thing the man wants to do.

He will refuse to open up, and the girl will feel pushed away and left out, or in this case - blocked.

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So, if you are wondering, "Why is he blocking me?" Then wonder if there is any challenge in his life to face.

That could mean that his block might not even revolve around you. Give him the time and space he needs and he will come to you when he is ready.

3. He's upset about something you did

When some people are upset, it is not always easy to tell.

We know that (some) men are not very good at talking about their feelings, and if they try to express themselves in the way that suits them, their partner may not really understand or get the message.

I have often seen women do things that upset their boyfriend without their realizing it.

Women will find it easier to be clear about how they are feeling, while in most cases men will try to avoid confrontations or arguments with their girlfriend.

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However, if he fails to get you to understand him in any other way, he will block you on social media to punish you for your behavior.

If you want to know what it means when he blocks you, consider if he was trying to express that you did something that upset him.

4. He's the sensitive type

Some may not have to have a serious problem with you to block you on social media. It could just be because it's the sensitive type.

Guys who are sensitive or withdrawn won't always want their girlfriend to date other people and have a great time with them.

Seeing such images could create insecurity issues for him that could ultimately affect the relationship.

The decision to block you on social media may seem harsh, but it's a sensible decision he should make to keep his peace of mind.

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If you've made interesting pictures while out with other people, you can of course share them with him - if you think he doesn't feel left out or that you prefer other people's company to his.

Let him make the decision and let him be prepared to see her so he doesn't have to see pictures of his girlfriend with other people popping up unexpectedly on his social media feed.

5. You broke up.

Many people are able to break up with their partners and still be friends with them, while others would be happy if they never had to see them again!

It is possible that you and your ex could be one of these people.

You may still want to be friends with your ex, but when you try to message him you find that you are no longer able to contact him or view his account.

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He's the type of person who doesn't want to be friends with his ex, and blocking you is one way to erase you from his life. If you ask yourself, "Is that why he blocked me?" The answer is yes.

Your ex wants to keep you out of sight and out of mind.

6. He wants you both to continue.

There are times when a couple split up and they both want to remain friends, but he might still block you!

In this case, it will be because he doesn't want to see the evidence that you get on with your life with other men and have fun without him.

He could block you for the same reason, but vice versa.

He could try to save you from hurting your feelings by seeing pictures of him with another girl or by getting on with his life happily.

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Remember that social media is a platform where people only share the highlights of their lives, so it seems like everyone else's life is so much more amazing than your own.

This can add to the effects of sadness and hurt feelings.

Therefore, being blocked by an ex might be the best way to protect each other's feelings and allow the two of you to move forward in peace.

7. He got what he wanted and no longer cares about you.

That reason is probably the worst case scenario for any girl.

It's also why many girls are reluctant to give in to the pressure men put on them when they start to get intimate.

Whether it's your attention, your mutual affection, or (most of the time) your intimacy with them, once they get it, they can lose interest.

I had to comfort many friends who were devastated because they gave in to the charms of a man who slept with them and then refused to contact them.

It is a very painful realization and the ultimate rejection. But the kind of guy who can do this to a girl isn't worth crying for.

The truth is, if the couple had chemistry, they couldn't easily walk away from each other and block each other out. The relationship just shouldn't be.


Finding out that you've been blocked by a guy you like or an ex-boyfriend is always very hurtful.

You may find yourself filled with all sorts of emotions and not knowing what to think or do about them.

We've outlined some of the reasons a guy might want to revoke access to their social media accounts.

While you may not be happy about it, its motives are usually justified and reasonable.

Now you know what it means when he blocks you. This understanding should help you accept it and respect its decision.