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Smirnoff Vodka Red Label 3l 37.5%

Smirnoff Red Label Vodka 3 liter bottle with 37.5% vol.

3L Smirnoff Vodka Red Label and the party can begin. Because the vodka is a phenomenon. Make sure, however, that none of the triple distilled vodka is spilled. Voted Best Vodka by the NY Times in 2009. In 2003 the 3 L Smirnoff Vodka was awarded the Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The vodka is now sold in more than 130 countries worldwide on six continents. The Premium Vodka from Smirnoff is mild and very slightly sweet on the palate. Smirnoff Red Label 3 liters is unadulterated, clear with little residual sugar, to enjoy pure and to mix.

Large vodka bottle from Smirnoff

The large vodka bottle is a highlight at every party and in the bar. The bottle costs a little more when converted to the 1 liter version. But the show effect is all the greater and you can refill the bottle. In total, Smirnoff Red Label is distilled 3 times and then filtered ten times. The vodka was able to prevail in numerous blind tastings. Of course, there are now better products. But the Smirnoff 3 liter is mainly used for mixing. And here it is on a par with Absolut Vodka, Gray Goose or Skyy Vodka. And we would give 88 out of 100 points based on the low price and quality.

Test Smirnoff Red Label 3 liters

The Smirnoff 3 liter fits into every bar in terms of appearance, price and marketing. The clear bottle with the red label stands out and 3 liters are really not a standard size. We cooled the vodka to 1 degree Celsius for the first test. You still smelled some spices and tasted some lime and mint. The taste profile is smooth and the scent fits. The Smirnoff Red Label has no bitterness or a metallic aftertaste. At room temperature, the aromas are more intense and a slight bitterness emerges. The vodka is definitely better than the price suggests.

Now we are testing the Smirnoff 3 liter vodka for dinner. There were snacks, wieners and cheese with bread. It worked well as a palate cleaner and went well with all foods. The vodka did not deteriorate the taste of the food and leaves a positive impression. Smirnoff Red Label is a vodka for the mass market and is in every good bar. We mixed a cocktail and enjoyed the cocktail very much. The vodka adapts well and here we gave 90 out of 100 points. Overall, the Smirnoff Vodka 3 liter Red Label is a very good vodka for the price. The vodka was convincing in all phases of the test. In the test it turned out that it is ideal for cocktails and can also be drunk very well on its own. In the test, it just missed the “very recommendable” rating. But that's not bad, because Smirnoff Vodka is also available in better quality than Smirnoff Black Label. The content of the 3 liter Smirnoff vodka bottle is ideal. Whoever buys the vodka makes no mistake.

Regarding Smirnoff 5 liters and Smirnoff 6 liters. In many cases we receive inquiries as to whether there is a Smirnoff 5 liter Red Label and a Smirnoff 6 liter Vodka Red Label. As of the end of 2017, Smirnoff was producing neither 5 liter nor 6 liter bottles. There is also no 4.5 liter bottle of vodka, only the 3 liter vodka bottle sold here.
Information on the food regulation:
Items: Vodka
Net filling quantity: 3l
Alcohol content: 37,50%
Food manufacturer / importer: Smirnoff CO, Lakeside Drive, Park Royal, NW10 7HQ, London, England
Country of origin: England

Customer ratings (12)

Smirnoff Vodka Red Label 3 liters on 07/14/2014 5.00

With a pump for dosing, it was quickly delivered.
Product quality: 5, service: 5

Smirnoff Vodka Red Label / 3 liters on January 31, 2011 at 5.00

Super fast delivery!
Everything went well!
I will definitely order again :)
Product quality: 5, service: 5

great thing on December 10th, 2008 5.00

So I was thrilled that the logo is right around when it is on there is a pump with it and when the noble part is empty you can collect coins inside and everyone can still read what was inside.
delivery was also super fast and the contact was great. We recommend. I like to buy from you again
Product quality: 5, service: 5

Smirnoff Vodka 3 liters on 06/27/2011 5.00

Everything worked out fine, gladly again.
Product quality: 5, service: 5

Spirits really cheap on 06/26/2007 3.33

I think it's great that these bottles are now also available at a normal price.
near me there are two disco's which offer these bottles.
Disco 1: € 250
Disco 2: € 150
so really great.
Product quality: 5, product quality: 0, service: 5

Tip top :) on 06/14/2010 5.00

Simply great :) Shipping is a bit spartan but otherwise everything is great!
Product quality: 5, service: 5

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