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Re: difference 12v electronics 12v interrupter LIGHT COIL

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Re: difference 12v electronics 12v interrupter LIGHT COIL

There are several problems:
The resistance values ​​of the coils are almost exclusively in the range below 1 ohm, so that must first be reliably determined. But what do you do when you find two coils with the same resistance but different wire thicknesses? Thicker wire just has to be longer, then at some point the resistance value will be correct, but you have two different coils.

It also depends entirely on which pole wheel is used to excite the coils. The magnets have been optimized over time, which is easy to see from the ever increasing light output. A size 42 halogen coil can never contribute to enlightenment in an essi (at most to the spiritual).

So you would first have to create a database with all common coils, of which you can be absolutely sure which number they have. For example, there could be: pole wheel, resistance value, wire thickness, number of turns, speed at nominal load or the voltage values ​​at specified speed values ​​and nominal load or idling. Possibly additional comparisons with other pole wheels, then coils can be assigned more easily (if the pole wheel is not the right one for the coil). You can really let off steam there ...
Of course, it is also sufficient if only the most important data is available.
I am currently converting my Lima test stand; after that something would be feasible in principle.