How to properly apply the moisturizer

Bet you also use the wrong cream?

From STYLEBOOK | August 28, 2017, 6:38 pm

Redness, skin irritation or even wrinkles? Often the fault is not the wrong cream, but the wrong creaming technique! STYLEBOOK explains what you should definitely pay attention to when applying in the future so that the skin remains young.

In the fight for the freshest and youthful complexion possible, in addition to good genes and a healthy lifestyle, face creams are our daily beauty companions. Creams don't have to be outrageously expensive. Because the right cream technique is actually much more important than the right day or night care. What many do not know: Care products only develop their full effect with the right application technique. But far too often the cream is simply smeared on the face in an uncoordinated manner - in the worst case, this can even lead to skin irritation, redness and even wrinkles!

We show five simple steps you should follow when applying lotion to get the best results and get the most out of your cream.

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1. Wash your hands

Always apply the cream to a cleansed face - that is now clear to everyone! But hands should also be washed before applying the cream. Otherwise, possible dirt particles will not only spread on the face, but also in the cream jar, where the product could be contaminated with germs and bacteria. Therefore: only touch your face with clean fingers!

2. Heat the cream

Hands up, who still spreads cream like a child with a few spots on their face? So, of course, the product shouldn't end up on the face. It is best to take in the required amount with your fingers. The cream is warmed up by lightly rubbing your fingers. Because if the cream comes into contact with the pores of the skin that are too cold, they contract briefly and the cream simply remains on the surface of the skin. Hand-warm cream is better absorbed by the pores and can therefore work more effectively in the uppermost skin cells.

3. The right movement

"Simply smear" is too coarse for the skin of the face. Pressing too hard can cause redness and irritation. By wildly pulling you risk getting exactly the lines and wrinkles that should actually be avoided. Therefore it is better to distribute the cream on the skin with circular movements without much pressure and at the end gently spread it out with the palms of the hands. If you also want to treat yourself to a small facial massage for better blood circulation, you should massage selectively and preferably only with your ring fingers. Compared to the index or middle finger, these are slightly weaker and can therefore exert exactly the right amount of pressure.

4. The right direction

Lifting is the keyword. Because nobody wants the corners of their mouths like, sorry Angie, Chancellor Merkel (63). So start applying lotion on your chin and move in circular movements over your cheeks up to your forehead. That pulls up the cheeks. Spread the cream over the eyes in a semicircle on the forehead and spread it gently from the bridge of the nose to the temples. Finally, run along the bridge of your nose and press your fingers lightly onto the eye area. The delicate skin of the eyes is gently moistened with the cream - that is more than enough.

5. The leftover cream

A cream with high-quality ingredients, and which was perhaps not that cheap, should not simply be wiped off on a towel or washed off with soap. It is better to leave the rest of the cream to other parts of the body: If there is still a lot left, the rest can be spread over the neck, décolleté and neck. A small residue of cream is massaged into the cuticle. And the ears are also happy about a small portion of moisture every now and then.

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