Why do children misbehave

THAT's why kids behave badly around mom

I am the mother of two lovely children. The two are funny, polite, sugar-sweet, a bit reserved and pretty smart. But that often only applies until we are at home and close the door to the outside world. Because then the two of them turn up.

It is thrown on the floor when mom says no, there is screaming and howling, when there is only bread for dinner (again) and when the big one is not allowed to play a Playstation (again), he goes furious and stomps the stairs up, yells at me, "You are mean mom. I don't want to talk to you anymore!" and slams the door to his room loudly. Oops! Sometimes I wonder where the other two children actually went.

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Why you shouldn't blame yourself

Just like me, mothers around the world feel. The sweet little angels from kindergarten or school, who for a while couldn't be without mom, suddenly become unpredictable anger bombs that go off because of every little thing. But why actually?

The answer can be found pretty brilliantly in a post by blogger 'katesurfs'. She writes: "YOU, mom, are the safe haven. YOU are the place you can go to with all your problems. If you can't do something better ... then who should be able to? YOU, mom, are the junkyard for all unpleasant ones Feelings and emotions. "

Just imagine how exhausting it must be for a child to "behave" all day. Even in kindergarten, the children are required to follow certain rules and regulations, somehow to adapt to the group dynamics.

Even the smallest ones don't want to attract attention negatively. In school, these rules and regulations continue to increase. Sitting still, not chatting and doing what is asked - all of this is a constant challenge for the child. And then it's finally home and all the baggage of the day falls away.

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And that's exactly the positive factor that moms should look at in all the drama kids sometimes make. Home is the place where the child can just be who they are. It knows that mom is there to hug it when it's sad, it knows that mom isn't really angry when it gets louder or wilder, and it knows that mom will always protect it.

All the tense anger, grief, joy, positive and negative experiences of the day break out when the child feels safe. And mom and your own home are a safe place.

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The child shares his deepest and most intimate feelings with us at home. And viewed as a whole, that's actually a gift to us. So if the children are lying on the floor angry again or slamming the door or yelling at mom, then see the positive in it and don't get angry.

You have done a good job so far, your children feel safe at home. They love you at least as much as you love them. You just show us in a different way.