Does a newborn baby need a pillow

The right sleeping environment for the baby

In good hands in the parents' bedroom - of course, non-smoking!

In the first year of life, the cot should be placed in the parents' bedroom. So the child is very close to you at night. The even breathing sounds of the parents have a positive influence on the breathing regulation of the baby and for breastfeeding mothers it is also very practical if the baby bed is within easy reach. In the meantime, there are also small baby beds that you can literally "dock" to the parents' bed - so the baby has its own sleeping place and is still very close to you.

In any case, set up the cot so that the child cannot reach lamps, sockets, power cables or picture frames. Make sure that it is not on the radiator or in direct sunlight. Your child should also not be exposed to drafts - especially not on their head.

It cannot be emphasized enough: make sure you are in a smoke-free environment - at night as well as during the day! Under no circumstances should your child sleep in a room that is also used for smoking.

The correct room temperature for sleeping is between 16 ° and 18 ° Celsius. It is also important to ventilate the room in which your child sleeps regularly for a few minutes with the window open (continuous ventilation with the window tilted can encourage mold growth).