Is Selena Gomez underestimated?

Selena Gomez ‘transplant


I have to admit, I was never that interested in Selena Gomez. Neither for their music, their films, or their private life. Wait, wasn't she even with Justin Bieber ?!

Be that as it may, this photo has been on the Internet in a few days and has earned me my deep respect.

Selena Gomes was diagnosed with lupus. Thanks to Doctor House and his statement: "It's never lupus!" I have dealt with this clinical picture before.

Lupus erythematosus is an autoimmune disease and belongs to inflammatory rheumatism. There are two main forms: cutaneous lupus and systematic lupus erythematosus, the most common form. In addition to the typical reddening of the skin on the face, the joints and even internal organs can also be affected.

That brings me back to Selena Gomez, who went public with her medical history offensively. She recently had a kidney transplant. For this she got a donor kidney from her best friend. There can hardly be a greater proof of friendship. As a transplant recipient, the consequences are even more noticeable for me.

It is also not that easy to accept such a gift, because the consequences for the donor should not be underestimated. In most cases, there is definitely a change in the general condition, even if this is of course expressed differently. My father and my uncle have had problems with the bile since the operation and are exhausted significantly more often and more quickly. Apart from the scars and regular checkups in the hospital, of course.

Even if that doesn't sound like an unspeakably great sacrifice, I know that they only made this sacrifice for my own good. I will never take that for granted. Taking this step for someone outside of the family is even more impressive to me. It is a life decision with unpredictable consequences.

Nobody can say how the kidney will behave. Maybe she gave Selena years, maybe just a few months. But I think that the only important thought behind it, also for both of them, is: Every single day counts.


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