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Patamon is a protagonist and the partner digimon of T.K. Takaishi from Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02 and Digimon Adventure tri.

Personality [edit | Edit source]

Patamon is very playful and has a close relationship with his partner T.K. However, when he digs his childish personality gives way and he appears calm, serene and justice-loving.

Early years Edit source]

Patamons Digiei was chosen along with seven others to stabilize the peace of the Digiworld. He rested in a display case where he was watched by Gennai and others. One day, however, Piedmon attacked the place. Gennai escapes with the Digieiers, but Gatomon's egg slipped away from him. Gennai dropped the remaining eggs on File Island and then disappeared. The eggs hatched to young Digimon, digested to their training level and played with the Digivices until they blew up.

Digimon Adventure Edit source]

Tokomon quickly finds his partner T.K. Takaishi and befriends him just as quickly. When a Kuwagamon attacks the group, Tokomon can digitize to Patamon and together with the other Digimon stop the Kuwagamon. But the cliff breaks below them and everyone is thrown into a river.

While one after the other Digimon can digitize to his champion level, this remains with Patamon. It doubts the fact and blames itself. But when the Digiritter want to defeat Devimon, Devimon T.K. at. Patamon protects T.K. and then digitized to Angemon. He can then defeat Devimon, but also uses up all of his energy, so that he was turned back into a Digiei.

The Digiei hatches when leaving the island and digests all the way to Tokomon. T.K. is very happy about it. One day the group split up after Tai Yagami and Agumon disappeared without a trace after fighting Etemon, T.K. and his older brother Matt Ishida stay together. But then Matt gets into a boat and does not return. DemiDevimon then meets T.K. and tells him that Matt doesn't want to see him anymore. But Tokomon doesn't believe DemiDevimon and argues with T.K. However, he believes DemiDevimon and goes with him to an amusement park while Tokomon lingers on the spot. Finally he meets Tai again and tells him what happened. Meanwhile, DemiDevimon is having fun with T.K. But he is distracted and so DemiDevimon comes up with the idea to give him mushrooms that make him forget everything. But thanks to Sora Takenouchi, DemiDevimon's trick comes to light and Tokomon digests around T.K. to protect to Patamon. This can sell DemiDevimon. Tai and T.K. can then reunite with the other digi knights.

Eventually, Myotismon appears and goes into the real world with his army to find the eighth Digiritter. The digi knights hurry after him. As it turns out, Tai's younger sister Kari Yagami is the eighth digi knight. After she and her partner digimon Gatomon are protected from an attack by Myotismon by Wizardmon, Gatomon digests into Angewomon and can defeat Myotismon.

However, Myotismon is getting up again and threatening the real world. The digi knights cannot defeat him until finally T.K.'s partner digimon Patamon and Gatomon shoot holy arrows at Matt and Tai on their next level, as this is the only way their partner digimon can digitize to the mega-level. With combined forces, the Digiritter can then defeat VenomMyotismon.

The fog that formed after Myotismon's arrival disappears and reveals the Digiworld above people's heads. The digi knights travel back to the digiworld and meet the masters of darkness there. The Digimon are mercilessly defeated and the heroes can only escape with the help of Piximon.

After all masters of darkness except for Piedmon have been defeated, Piedmon transforms all but T.K., Patamon and Kari into key rings. With T.K.'s courage, Angemon can dig up into MagnaAngemon and defeat Piedmon. But the real enemy Apocalymon is revealed. The digi knights can defeat him with combined forces and the digiworld will be restored.

However, since the gate of the Digiwelt is slowly closing, the Digiritter and partner digimon have to say goodbye to each other. T.K. says goodbye to Patamon in tears. But T.K. believes that one day they will see each other again. So they don't say goodbye, but goodbye. Finally, the Digiritter have to part with the Digimon and return to their world.

Digimon Adventure 02 Edit source]

T.K. Finally arrives in the Digiwelt together with Kari and the new digiritter Davis Motomiya. There they meet Tai, Agumon, Patamon and Gatomon. Both Digimon are happy to see their partners again. You then go into a cave where there is a digiarmor egg. This can be picked up by Davis and Veemon appears, who has been waiting for Davis for a long time. With the help of Armor-Digitation, a new form of Digitation, since the normal Digitation by the Black Towers no longer works, the Digiritter can free the enslaved monochrome from the Black Ring.

Later the digiritters Davis, Cody Hida, Yolei Inoue, Kari and T.K. attacked by the Digimon emperor. Davis, Cody, and Yolei's partner digimon can keep the enslaved Digimon at bay while T.K. and Patamon look for two Digiarmor eggs with Kari and Gatomon. As it turns out, the two Digiarmor eggs for T.K. and Kari for sure. You can then digitize your partner digimon to Pegasusmon and Nefertimon and free the enslaved Digimon from the black rings.

Because the Digimon emperor wants to use Devimon's data for his ultimate partner digimon, T.K. angry. This affects Cody a lot and he begins to fear his friend while T.K. the Digimon emperor and beats him up. When he sees Kimeramon, however, he flies away on Pegasusmon's back to take care of Kimeramon.

After the Digimon Emperor is defeated, Arukenimon creates BlackWarGreymon from a hundred black towers. In order to be able to defeat this at all, the partner digimon digitize with a DNA digitization to new Digimon. But because Cody is afraid of T.K. has his partner digimon Armadillomon cannot digitize with Patamon. When the last sacred stone is finally attacked by BlackWarGreymon, Cody is able to overcome his fear and Ankylomon and Angemon digitize into Shakkoumon. By joining forces, Paildramon, Silphymon and Shakkoumon can hold BlackWarGreymon in check until Azulongmon appears and BlackWarGreymon is defeated. This then disappears without a trace to reflect on his questions.

Later, Myotismon, who owned Oikawa and has now turned into MaloMyotismon, reveals himself in a dream dimension. It puts the digi knights in a dream where they get into their deepest desires. T.K. wishes that his parents are no longer separated. But Patamon knows that it is only a dream and talks to him. Finally, with the help of Davis, he can break out of the dream and defeat MaloMyotismon a little later. Then he returns to the real world together with the other digi knights.

Digimon Adventure tri Edit source]

Reunion Edit source]

When a Kuwagamon appears in town, T.K. back to Patamon and is brought to the airport together with the other digi knights, where, however, two more Kuwagamon appear. Patamon turns into Angemon and can defeat one of the Kuwagamon together with Gatomon.

Later an Alphamon appears in the city, which is hunting Meikuumon. The Digiritter defend it, but all of their partner digimon except Agumon and Garurumon are seriously injured. Both form Omnimon and Alphamon withdraws after a brief skirmish.

Determination [edit | Edit source]

Patamon stays with T.K. and the two of them go to a hot spring with the other digi knights. Later Patamon remains together with all other partner digimon in the care of a Leomon who is supposed to take care of them. But the Digimon want to go to the school festival themselves and can get there with the help of Meikuumon. All of them then take part in a competition before they are discovered by their partners.

But the next distortion appears and the returning Digimon emperor kidnaps Meikuumon. Patamon tries to get into the intermediate dimension, but he fails and has to sit by and watch as Palmon and Gomamon defend themselves against a BlackImperialdramon Dragon Mode. But both can digitize to the mega-level and defeat it, whereupon the Digimon emperor Meikuumon sets free again. But a little later she kills Leomon and flees to the Digiwelt.

Confession [edit | Edit source]

T.K. soon notices that Patamon himself is infected. Patamon then briefly loses control before telling T.K. bites the arm. Then he calms down again and cries together with T.K. about that.

A short time later, Homeostasis speaks to the partner digimon: They can be freed from the virus by dying, but at the same time they also lose their memory. Patamon is shocked when he then turns T.K. is forgotten after his rebirth. That's why Patamon spends his last time with Matt before Meicoomon attacks and tries to destroy the real world.

When the partner digimon finally attack Meicrackmon Vicious Mode in an intermediate dimension, one after the other is overwhelmed by the virus. Patamon digests into Angemon and is the first to be overcome by the virus. He immediately attacks Angewomon before she succumbs to the virus. Only Tentomon can assert itself against the virus and digests up to its mega-level Hercules-Kabuterimon. But the other partner digimon push him back into the real world. HerculesKabuterimon manages to call his friends to their senses and everyone can push Meicrackmon back into the intermediate dimension before the reboot begins.

Thereupon the partner digimon are reborn and finally meet their human partner again in the digimon world. But they all lost their memories of her.

Loss [edit | Edit source]

The heroes decide to build new bonds with their Digimon partners. Since almost everyone is very curious about people, they start talking to them. Tokomon talks to T.K. and after they have all eaten, Tokomon digests along with the other Digimon to the rookie level.

But immediately a machine drama attacks them and tears the group apart. Before that, Tai and Matt try to digitize their Digimon to the mega-level, but it doesn't work. Patamon lands on a mountain with Joe Kido and Palmon. There they start looking for the others, but cannot find them. In the night they finally find the others through a distortion and flee again from Machinedramon.

When they find refuge on a ship, Tai, Agumon, Matt, Gabumon, Kari and Salamon are thrown into the water by a metal seadramon while everyone else flees ashore. Only Meiko remains behind with Meicoomon. On land, however, they are attacked again by Machinedramon and the dark Gennai. When Biyomon digits to Hououmon on the mega-level, Patamon also wants to fight. T.K. agrees and Patamon can dig up to his mega-level Seraphimon. With united forces, Hououmon, Seraphimon and Hercules Kabuterimon can defeat Machinedramon before the others join them.

Coexistence [edit | Edit source]

Patamon is there as Meiko is attacked by Meicrackmon Vicious Mode. Later the digi knights are attacked by Digimon and later tentacles. Patamon helps, together with the other partner digimon, to defeat the opponents and T.K. to get rid of the tentacles. However, shortly after they are freed from it, all are brought back into the real world by a distortion that a portal creates under them.

There they are immediately followed by the police. When everyone is pushed into a dead end, Izzy opens his laptop so the Digimon can go in there before the Digiritter are taken away by the authorities. The digi knights then have to justify themselves to the police, but Daigo helps them and takes them to Tai's school. There the Digimon can move freely again.

Meicrackmon reappears the next morning. Patamon digests up to MagnaAngemon and fights them before Jesmon interferes. Thereupon Meicrackmon digits into Raguelmon, whereupon MagnaAngemon digits into Seraphimon. Raguelmon is finally packed by Jesmon and brought to the sea before he opens a portal to the Digiwelt. WarGreymon merges with MetalGarurumon to form Omnimon, which can reopen the portal. All Digiritter, their partner Digimon and Daigo get through the portal to the Digiwelt.

The partner digimon fight Jesmon before Alphamon interferes and defeats all but Omnimon, Jesmon and Raguelmon, so that the partner digimon can only watch the fight. Meanwhile, Tokomon lingers in T.K.'s arms. The fight ends when Jesmon uses his "Un Pour Tous" attack. Omnimon pushes Raguelmon aside, but the attack hits her and loses consciousness. As a result of the attack, the ground becomes fragile, so that Tai and Daigo are swallowed up by the earth. After Kari digitized her partner digimon to Ophanimon Falldown Mode through Tai's death, which merged with Raguelmon and disappeared, the Digiritter want to go back to their world.

Our Future Edit source]

Epilogue [edit | Edit source]

Patamon can be seen together with T.K., his son and his partner digimon Tokomon.

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