How did you hack Facebook accounts

Facebook account hacked - what to do?

If you are concerned that your Facebook account has been hacked, you should check your account. We will show you step by step what you need to consider.

How to tell if your Facebook account has been hacked

All of a sudden, posts like "If you want to lose weight, you should try XXX-Drops" appear on your Facebook timeline. or similar Spamyou didn't write? These can be possible causes:

  • First, find out if anyone was kidding. Have you ever given someone your Facebook login details?
  • Have you had Facebook on one lately public pc used? You should not forget to log off on other computers. If that does happen, you can log out of Facebook later. Make sure to change your password afterwards.
  • Once someone has found out your login details, they can post on your behalf and view your details. If you can still log in, your email address has not yet been changed. Act quickly and follow our tips in the next paragraph.
  • Has your account been hacked and you can no longer log into Facebook? Continue with the notes in 3rd and 4th paragraph away. You may need to contact Facebook to regain access to your account.

You can still log into your Facebook account

If you are concerned about your account security, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Click on this Facebook link to secure your account and change your password. To do this, just follow the instructions.
  3. Then click on the small arrow pointing downwards in the upper right corner. Then open the settings.
  4. Check in under "General ">" Contact"Whether only your own or a new, third-party e-mail address is linked to your account. If so, you absolutely have to Clear. The same applies to registered mobile phone numbers.
  5. Edit your Facebook security settings. To do this, switch to the "Security and Login" menu in the settings. For example, you can be informed by email when someone else logs into your account.
  6. You can also check messages and likes you have ordered here. It also happens that permissions are accidentally accepted and clicked.

You do not have access to your Facebook account

If you do not have access to your Facebook account, you should act quickly.

  1. First, check whether you can still log into your email account that is connected to Facebook and whether you have received a message there about a password change. This contains a link to change your login again.
  2. To change your password, go to the Login page from Facebook. There is the option "Forgot Password?".
  3. If you no longer have access to your email address, follow the instructions as if you had forgotten your password. You will then need to provide your account name and that of a friend.

If the first steps don't work: Contact Facebook

If all else fails, there is still a process Facebook created to rescue hacked accounts. Follow the instructions on You can also log in there with a previous password.

Video tip: Spam wave after Facebook data leak: How to stop unwanted SMS

Then you should check your computer with an anti-virus program. The CHIP Anti-Virus Top 100 gives you a great overview of current anti-virus programs.

Read in the next practical tip what to do if your Facebook Messenger has been hacked.

(Original tip written by: Claudia Wiegand)