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Seasonal work: A crisis opportunity for job seekers

The corona crisis hits the German economy hard. For example, thousands of seasonal workers are lacking to plant, harvest or clear shelves in the supermarket. At the same time, many people in Germany are currently unable to do their job. You can find out how job seekers and employers find each other here.

In the field or in the supermarket: secure our food supply

The corona crisis not only stops assembly lines and production lines, it also threatens agriculture: In Germany there is a shortage of tens of thousands of seasonal workers every monthwho are only allowed to enter from neighboring countries under certain conditions. Growing, cultivating, harvesting: the farmers lack help with all work. In a crisis, everyone counts. Doctors and nurses perform indispensable and systemically relevant work in hospitals - as do employees in agriculture. Asparagus, rhubarb, salads and strawberries must now be harvested promptly in order to supply the population with healthy, regionally grown food. That's why now voluntary helpers asked who as Seasonal workers want to step in.

Generate income through seasonal work

For example, do you work in the catering or retail trade and are currently unable to do your job? Or forced to stay at home as a student? Then have a look at them Job offers for support in the Corona crisis in your area. Whether in agriculture, in food retailing or in the area of ​​packaging and logistics, you can use the opportunity in this difficult time to secure your livelihood and also help to overcome the crisis.

Your additional income - even if you are currently on short-time work

Seasonal work is a marginal, short-term employment for which you do not have to pay any social security contributions if you are additionally exempted from compulsory pension insurance. But you are not allowed to work professionally if you earn more than 450 euros. You are not exercising the job professionally if your main income for the year is derived from another job. The time limit is decisive: According to the latest amendments to the law, your temporary work may not last more than 5 months at a time or a total of more than 115 working days per calendar year.

Even students during their lecture-free time (more than 20 hours of work / week in a maximum of 26 weeks a year), housewives and schoolchildren can, unlike the mini-job on a 450 euro basis, do seasonal work Earn unlimited additional earnings - without social security contributions to have to pay. The criterion of professionalism is not relevant for this group of people.

But: If you are unemployed and receive benefits or are registered as jobseeker, other provisions apply. In principle, you can then also pursue seasonal employment. However, there are a few things you need to consider in order to avoid financial losses (you can find more information here). You should therefore clarify the requirements for seasonal work in advance with your counseling specialist at the employment agency or at your job center.

Important: Even with short-time work, you have the opportunity to earn something extra with seasonal work in system-relevant areas. Due to a legal change, your income from secondary employment will not be offset against your short-time work allowance up to the amount of the net wage from your actual employment (Section 115 SGB IV). The regulation applies until October 31, 2020.

How long you can support as a seasonal worker is up to you. Incidentally, you do not have to worry about exit restrictions, because system-relevant work can still be carried out.

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