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GZSZ: Kiss scenes are so cumbersome to shoot

The GZSZ news of the day at a glance: Kiss scenes are filmed so cumbersome +++ Chryssanthi Kavazi returns with a new look +++ Felix von Jascheroff wants to finish with the separation from his wife.

"Good times, bad times" (GZSZ): data and facts

  • The first episode of "Good Times, Bad Times" (GZSZ) was broadcast on May 11, 1992.
  • Filming for GZSZ began on March 16, 1992, initially in the Berlin Union Film Studios in Berlin-Tempelhof. In 1995 the GZSZ crew moved to Potsdam, which has been filming in Babelsberg ever since.
  • In the Babelsberg studio - the oldest film studio in the world - over 5500 broadcast GZSZ episodes have been produced to date.
  • The episodes are always produced seven weeks in advance.

GZSZ: All the news about the successful series

5th June 2020

Corona makes filming difficult

The distance and hygiene rules that apply due to the coronavirus currently accompany everyone's everyday life. But how do these rules of conduct affect the production of a daily soap? In a video, Maria Wedig, 36, better known as Nina, and Olivia Marei, 30, alias Toni, explain to "" how filming works in times of the corona crisis.

The changes are already noticeable at the beginning of the day of shooting, because the actresses put on their own make-up. The make-up artist guides the actresses from a safe distance, but Maria and Olivia have to swing the brush themselves. "You can tell the difference, (...) but we're doing our best," admits Maria. In addition, the technical bag of tricks is used to hide the distance that the actors have to keep from one another.

Above all, clever camera settings are used for this, as UFA boss Nico Hofmann, 60, reveals: "(...) You can now turn with the technology, the wide angle, so ingeniously that the distances change. And we do indeed work a lot with flashbacks, i.e. with flashbacks from existing material. " The flashbacks seem to be particularly useful for incorporating romantic moments, since kissing scenes are apparently associated with a lot of effort at the moment. Because when this physical closeness takes place, according to Hofmann, the actors concerned must be tested and quarantine measures taken. So far, Corona has not been mentioned in the series, which, according to Maria, appeals to the fans. Apparently, however, it cannot be ruled out that the virus will thematically reach the neighborhood. That could at least make the filming easier ...

4th June 2020

New look for Chryssanthi Kavazi

Chryssanthi Kavazi, 31, baby break is coming to an end and soon she will slip back into the role of Laura. After Laura survived her life-threatening illness and separated from Philip, she traveled to Greece to see her estranged father. A few days ago, Chryssanthi told that Laura's return will be a real highlight: "I can definitely say that Laura will come back with a big bang and that it will be a surprise for Felix and Philip to see her again."

In addition, her series character will celebrate her comeback with a completely different look: Because the actress shows in a video how her hair is dyed and re-styled in the mask from the GZSZ studio. Her new hairstyle is apparently supposed to reflect Laura's stay in Mykonos. The result: Chryssanthi's head of hair is now curly and also a few shades lighter, which makes it look "as if it had been kissed by the sun". "We are very satisfied," added the 31-year-old. So are we - and we are looking forward to Laura's return to the neighborhood!

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3rd June 2020

Felix von Jascheroff: "No more time to mop up"

Felix von Jascheroff, 37, announced in mid-March that he and his wife Bianca Bos had separated. "Before everyone tears up about it, Bianca and I are history," wrote the actor on Instagram. This announcement surprised his fans, as Felix and Bianca had only tied the knot a second time a few months earlier. Now the "John" actor from GZSZ turns to his fans again via Instagram and talks about the end of the marriage and his current state of mind.

"It's been a long and intense time. Doors have closed, gates have opened," reveals the 37-year-old. He seems to want to end the breakup and has "no more time to mop up and push bad thoughts." He is now future-oriented, because the "look ahead is a sunny one". His followers are understanding and give him a lot of courage with comments like "Correct attitude Felix" or "I wish you lots of strength and sunny times for your heart". We also wish Felix von Jascheroff all the best for the future.

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