What are the requirements for nurse training

Nurse - education, profession, salary, application and professional perspective

Do you like to take care of people and are you emphatic? Dealing with sick people and people in need of care is not a problem for you personally? Maybe then the nurse training is just right for you.

Since January 2004 the profession or training as a nurse has officially ceased to exist. The job description was restructured and was incorporated into the successor profession of health and nurse. In the following, however, the term “nurse” is used for the sake of simplicity, as it is widely used in society.

This profession is still a women's domain, nurses are the exception here. However, through community service, which does not appear in the statistics, many men have access to this occupational field for a certain period of time.

Video about training and career as a health care professional

The job description of the nurse

Everyone has probably used the services of a nurse at some point, at least when hospitalization was necessary. The area of ​​responsibility is very complex and also depends on the ward or department of the hospital.

The nurse is responsible for the patient and their recovery, care and physical well-being. Depending on the illness, the care here varies in intensity. The nurse is the link between patient and doctor or hospital.

In this role, she is responsible for nutrition, sleep, and the patient's physical values. Data is recorded here in patient reports and transmitted to the doctors.
The nursing staff is also responsible for setting syringes and infusions on the doctor's instructions, as well as changing bed linen and listening to the patient's worries and needs. In nursing, however, there is usually little time for a conversation.

Nurses work shifts and must also go to work on weekends and holidays.

Personal requirements for nurses

The demands in this job are very high, not only physically but also from a psychological point of view. Stressful situations are not uncommon, but they also vary, depending on the department. For example, nurses in hospices deal with the issue of death almost every day.

A good psychological resilience is therefore necessary, as well as reliability, a sense of order and a sense of responsibility. The contact of the nurse with the patient also requires contact skills with good empathy. A good flexibility is also necessary, especially with regard to the changing working hours.

An awareness of hygiene is of course mandatory. However, it should also be made clear that in the area of ​​nursing or health services, a certain level of physical resilience is also required.

Duration of training, salary and future prospects as a nurse

Training as a health care professional takes 3 years for full-time training. However, there is also the possibility of part-time training, which takes a period of 5 years.

The training allowance is generally based on the public service tariff (TVöD). Here, wages of 729 to 884 euros in the west pay area and 696 to 844 euros in the east pay area are paid (depending on the year of training). But there are also job offers that are not based on a collective agreement and can therefore vary.

Since the first nurses have only now completed their training, trained nursing professionals are only based on the nurse's salary. According to the collective agreement, a salary of around 2200 to 3000 euros is paid here.

The nursing profession has had its day, now there is the health worker and nurse, further changes in the area of ​​nursing will result not least from the demographic change in Germany. This occupational branch tends to expect a positive development for job offers, which is already proven by the extremely low specific unemployment rate.

In the medical field, methodological innovations occur very quickly through research and technology, which also influence the professional profile. Regular further training is therefore also necessary here.

In 2004, the nurse became the successor to the health and nursing profession.

Application as a nurse

This job does not necessarily call for creativity, rather order and structure are important here, which should also be reflected in the application documents. The cover letter and the résumé should be written in the classic form.

Of course, when applying as a nurse, you should also set yourself apart visually from your competitors. For example, use a cover sheet and place it in front of your résumé. The application photo should also be placed here and can be a little larger.

You should always ask yourself why should the employer hire me of all people?
Answer this question with your application. State the qualifications and skills clearly and in a structured manner. Often you don't have an objective look at your own documents yourself, so it is very important to get a second, reliable and competent opinion. Ask a friend or acquaintance whether they would like to critically examine your application documents.

Nowadays, applications are usually made via the Internet, so make yourself familiar with the subject of online applications.

More application tips and tricks can be found here!

Employment figures for nurses

The employment figures in this occupation speak for themselves, they are clearly pointing upwards and there is no end in sight to the trend. Above all, the greatly increased life expectancy of people and the associated greater medical effort are the reason for more and more jobs in the health sector. This not only applies to nurses, but also to physiotherapists, geriatric nurses, etc.

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