What is hunan sauce made of

Puck's Oscar menu is mostly vegan

Hollywood - At the festive dinner on the occasion of the Oscar awards next Sunday, the international film stars will be served a particularly sustainable menu: the organizers have decided that this year it should consist of seventy percent vegan dishes.

The Austrian-American head chef Wolfgang Puck said at the presentation of his selection of delicacies that he had added 18 vegan dishes to the planned menu.

According to Puck, who comes from Carinthia, the menu includes creations such as sweet potato tempura with mint, coriander and garlic sauce, tagine and vegetable couscous or aubergine with Hunan sauce on a bed of black rice.

Vegan dessert

Despite everything, classic delicacies such as caviar and salmon should not be missing. "We work with all products, because although many people are vegan, the vast majority still eat meat and fish," said the 70-year-old chef, who served around 1,500 invited guests on February 9th.

Puck, who trained as a chef in France and then emigrated to the USA, is not entirely vegan himself, but he likes to experiment with purely plant-based ingredients. The 70-year-old now offers "vegan tasting menus" in some of his restaurants.

He and his Oscar gourmet colleagues also know how to help each other when it comes to choosing vegan desserts: It is true that renouncing butter and eggs - "the raw materials that make a delicious dessert" - is always heartbreaking for the French confectioner Kamel Guechida Thought, but there is now a replacement. A lot of almond and coconut milk is used, among other things.

Guechida and his team of two dozen confectioners purchase vegan chocolate from the chocolate manufacturer Valrhona, among other things, in order to produce the legendary chocolate Oscar figures. Around 5000 pieces will be produced for this year's evening - that corresponds to around 400 kilograms of chocolate. (APA, 3.2.2020)