How does philosophy affect decentralization

Language matters: decentralization and communication around the world

At Volaris, we work in the languages ​​of our local companies and don't expect our employees to speak any particular language. Decentralization is the tool with which we can even out language differences in our organization.

There are three options:

1) We speak the language of numbers.

Our benchmarks are metrics related to corporate governance and related to individual departments such as product development, services, sales and marketing etc. These numbers come from Volaris companies around the world and enable our executives to identify opportunities and accelerate growth.

2) Our managing directors operate the companies in the local language.

Volaris local executives share our philosophy and implement best practices in a language that their employees and customers understand.

3) Talent development is offered in multiple languages.

Using the skills of our multilingual executives, we can offer workshops in different languages. This ensures that language does not become an obstacle to learning.

As a decentralized global company, we depend on our local executives to run our companies autonomously, promote growth and share best practices for companies. To learn more about why we say, "Global businesses should have a local focus," watch this video.

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