What is the opposite of Magnum Opus

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There are such nice terms like Single point of failure, Bottleneck, Standalone, Unmanaged, Local logging, Local management, Never touch a running system. etc. Ever heard of it? Hopefully not in the vicinity of your network perimeter!

The opposite of that are redundancy, Fault tolerance, Distributed deployment, central management, Monitoring & Logging, managed switches, separate circuits, Topicality all software and hardware components. Wow!

The latter terms should actually be the goals of every IT administration. However, practice often shows that only the components of central importance (firewall, proxy, mail server, ESX server, etc.) are designed redundantly in order to then eke out their existence on simple, partly unmanaged switches and routers. A consistently planned and stringently implemented redundancy to increase the stability and availability of all network components, however, considers all components involved in the network structure. This includes the logical conception of a distributed system through to separate circuits for the redundant power supply units.

Aids such as color codes and naming conventions are not only desirable, but from our point of view indispensable in order to help avoid administrative errors in the planning process as well as in the later implementation & maintenance and to clearly define how and where something is between all those involved based on which conception is configured.

A conceptual network plan should therefore always be created in advance for general illustration, in which the switches are also clustered or stacked. HSRP for the ISP router and LACP for bundling physical network connections would also be conceivable.