How can you prevent pancreatitis in dogs

Therapy: what treatment options are there?

Therapy for pancreatitis in dogs includes several measures.

Fluid therapy

Dogs with pancreatitis are often dehydrated (dehydrated) from vomiting and diarrhea. In addition, the ratio of electrolytes in the blood shifts. The vet can compensate for both with infusions. Most of the time, however, a stationary stay for your furry friend cannot be avoided.

Pain management

Inflammation of the pancreas is extremely painful. That is why treatment with painkillers is one of the most important pillars in therapy.


If the dog no longer vomits, it is offered water and food. Contrary to previous opinions, it has now been shown that both food and water withdrawal are not useful.

The disease is extremely debilitating, which is why the sick dog has to be supplied with energy again. An easily digestible, low-carbohydrate, high-protein and low-fat diet in small amounts is recommended.

In the first phase of acute pancreatitis, the sick dog often does not eat voluntarily. If this is the case, the vet even has to insert a nasogastric tube in case of doubt.

Special diet food for gastrointestinal diseases You can also find your dog in the zooplus online shop. But always consult a veterinarian beforehand in order to choose the right food.

Regular examinations

If your dog has pancreatitis, the blood values ​​should be checked regularly. Regular ultrasound examinations are also very helpful. Particularly in the severe form of pancreatitis in dogs, diseases of other organs must be taken into account and monitored.