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13. Combinations

For a while there was a relatively clear separation of the two pickup concepts. The Les Paul and its closer and more distant relatives were the epitome of fat humbucker sounds. The Strat, on the other hand, stood for more open, bluesy single coil distortion sounds and the typical, wiry, hollow Strat Clean operation.

However, since each of the two pickup types offered the user very special advantages and many guitarists would have loved to be able to use both pickup variants in one instrument, the industry increasingly switched to combining the different pickup concepts in the 1970s connect to. A popular example of this type of combination are the Strats by guitar legend Eddie Van Halen, in which, in addition to the standard single coil pickups, powerful humbuckers were always used.

The fact that this approach was able to meet the sound needs of most guitarists made it a real standard at the time that has not lost its validity to this day.

Normally, with the “hybrid guitars” just described, the S-S-H pickup combination is used, which can come up with a single coil pickup in the neck and middle position and a humbucker in the bridge position. Many “stratstyle” guitars are equipped with this equipment as standard and generally operate under the term “Rock-Strat”. A second variant, which is even more versatile in terms of the sound spectrum, is the combination H-S-H, with a humbucker each in bridge and neck position and the obligatory single coil in the middle. Through various circuit variants, all the popular basic sounds of the rock / pop / jazz / blues business can be teased out of one and the same guitar.


By using additional functions such as out-of-phase, coil splitting or dual sound, in connection with the most varied combinations of pickups and coils, a large number of alternatives can be implemented in addition to the most popular standard circuits. That is nice, but it makes it almost impossible for us to show all the varieties in this guide. In order to solve the problem as elegantly as possible, we have decided to only provide you with diagrams of the most important and most common circuit concepts below. Links to more abundant resources on the Internet complete our offer and ensure that you are really well served.

Les Paul / Gibson Style Guitars:

Fat Strat Style Guitars

2x humbuckers, 1x single coil circuit

Web links

DiMarzio (www.dimarzio.com) Seymour Duncan (www.seymourduncan.com) and Fender park the richest selection of circuit diagrams on their websites.

On the DiMarzio website, each of the pickups offered is linked under the menu item "Installation" with informative PDFs on the subject of pickup installation in general and in particular.

Seymour Duncan and Fender have placed their diagrams in the support area. At http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/ and http://www.fender.com/de-DE/support/articles/stratocaster-service-diagrams you have the possibility to view the circuits of all common guitars and download the pickup combination.