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Chapter 6: The Worries of a Sensei

A cold wind whipped through the woods and over the roofs of the houses of Konoha. The sky that was cloud-free just a few hours ago was now hard to imagine. The starry canopy was covered by dark clouds that merged with the black night sky from the ground and revealed nothing but the deepest darkness.
Minato averted his gaze from the window on his left, he was sitting at the desk in his study. A sheet of paper half full lay in front of him. He's currently working on an interim report for the Hokage.
It had been three weeks since his team got together. Sarutobi expected the sensei of the new Genin teams to send a short interim report every month to find out how the young Shinobi were developing. A quarterly report was expected after a year. The importance of these documents should not be underestimated, as it was very important to the Hokage to be kept informed of the education of the coming generation.

Minato's gaze wandered back to the paper, he went through what had been written again.
So far he had written about the success of the training on the lesson ´chakra control´. After a few days all team members had already mastered these exercises and were able to (more or less) run over water or climb trees. Basically everyone could do it with enough concentration.
His eyes wandered further, right below he had reported on the D-rank missions that they had performed together in the past few weeks. A gentle smile came over his lips when he thought about it: They had to look for a tomcat named Toni three times because, for some inexplicable reason, he had not found his way back home, so the owner turned to the Hokage with concern. They also supported some of the villagers on their estate. Both in cultivation and in harvest. One afternoon they even helped out in the crèche, as many educators fell ill and the staff was very scarce.
The team reacted differently to all of these tasks:

Obito Uchiha was extremely motivated and ambitious in every task, the joy was literally written on his face every time. The boy himself said that it goes without saying that they should be given simple tasks first so that they can prove themselves. That's why he took the tasks with humor, but still did them conscientiously. This almost adult attitude had surprised Minato in a positive way, especially since he was used to different behavior from the boy.

Rin saw it in a similar way to Obito and made the most of it, you could tell that she liked her team and enjoyed hanging out with their peers.
With Kohiru he wasn't so sure what he thought of it. Because the boy competed silently with Kakashi for the first place in the competition ´Speak only as much as necessary´. In his face he was covered with emotions, so that Minato found it difficult to put himself in the boy’s shoes.

Kakashi, on the other hand, showed his displeasure with the D-rank missions, even if he tried to hide it on the first assignments. Now he made no secret of his reluctance. Because even if he did not comment on it verbally, you could see it clearly in his eyes. Through his powers of observation alone, Minato had been able to see how his eyes reflected various emotions over the course of time. He saw how the initial displeasure had developed into growing displeasure and then into resentment and deep displeasure. The sensei had long been amazed that Kakashi hadn't spoken to him personally about it, because then he could have explained everything to him.

For one thing, it was exactly as Obito suspected. The new teams always got simple D-rank assignments at the beginning in order to be able to slowly approach higher ones. This had to do with the immature skills, among other things.
Minato certainly trusted his team to do more difficult things. No, he saw the problem somewhere else at the moment. Because before they can take on escort missions and the like, they have to grow together much more as a community. This sense of community has developed very slowly in his team so far and was still just above zero.

He only saw Obito and Rin often doing things together outside of training. The two got along pretty well and liked each other.
The quiet boy Kohiru, on the other hand, stayed out of everything that had nothing to do with training and 'duty'. Thus, although he did not behave negatively in terms of the team atmosphere, he was also not particularly positive.
The silver-haired boy worried him most. Kakashi not only stayed out of everything except personal and personal matters, but he also didn't get along with Obito at all. The quarrels were kept within bounds, but Kakashi showed disregard for the younger man through his looks alone, which mostly resonated in his conversations. This tense relationship was palpable at all times and was more than bad for the team.
That was also the reason why he had not yet properly trained his students in practice. Minato feared training battles would make matters worse.
The children would then fight each other with disregard and anger in their hearts and the blonde wanted to prevent that in any case. He shouldn't let it get that far, because that would cause irreparable damage within the team.
They were a group and should train together and learn to respect each other.

Minato had even spoken to Obito about it once before, because he had spoken to him about Kakashi. He explained that he now harbored a grudge against his silver-haired colleague, as he disapproved of his arrogant and far too serious behavior. Obito just felt misunderstood and stupid around him, which in turn annoyed him. In most cases the boy didn't even know why Kakashi reacted so annoyed and arrogant. Even when the Uchiha boy wanted to give in and invited his comrade to eat ramen, Kakashi had coldly refused with the words "I don't eat anything like that".
Since then, Obito has not made any effort to improve the situation and the two squabbled almost daily, be it offensively among each other or subliminally with casual comments and piercing looks.
As Minato found out with regret, most of the things he didn't notice. So he could hardly intervene and it was impossible for him to arbitrate.
Only from Rin was he informed about the seriousness of the situation, which had turned to him worried and already slightly desperate. Minato learned that the girl suffered especially as she liked both boys and often acted as a prankster.
She was constantly between the chairs and often just had to watch helplessly as the two quarreled. Rin had already turned to Kohiru. But he didn't want to get into the line of fire, which she could understand, and put his ´relationship´ with Kakashi, in which they silently respect each other, at risk.

So it was all up to him, Minato Namikaze. In any case, it was his job as team leader to improve the situation. Thoughtfully he propped his head in his hands, he had been thinking about this problem for weeks. In theory, it was very simple ... if they didn't want to volunteer to communicate with each other, he'd have to get them to do it in the form of a small mission. A diabolical grin graced his lips, he was aware that it wasn't exactly fair and nice. But some people just had to be forced to be happy.


>> One day later: Konoha / training ground 3 <<

Minato went straight to the agreed training ground, he carried a covered box in one hand. You couldn't guess what was inside. Dark cloths covered them completely.
He spotted two of his students, Kohiru and Kakashi, in the shadows of the trees. They both leaned their backs against the trunks of two trees and eyed him with moderate interest. Because basically they were wondering what was under the towels. However, the memory of the missions that "took some getting used to" was still too fresh to be relegated to the farthest corners of your mind. So they expected a dreary D-rank mission like the other days.
Sensei Minato by no means escaped the skeptical looks of his students. But he didn't let that spoil his mood in the least and greeted her with a happy "good morning", which the boys in the choir replied, albeit not quite as enthusiastically. He was just about to inquire about their well-being and look around for his other protégés when he saw them. Rin and Obito ran straight to her. The girl clutched the boy's arm tightly and literally pulled him behind her.
When the two were within earshot, Kakashi turned to the Uchiha boy and hissed something at him that was only audible to him. You could see Obito squinting his eyes, but there was no verbal answer, instead he returned the comment with an angry look.

The sensei also greeted the two stragglers happily. If this training lesson works and goes the way he imagined, then these constant squabbles would soon end, or at least diminish.
“Well, I hope you all slept well and are fit. Because from today start like a one-week mission. ”Excited murmurs spread between his students, only Kakashi looked at him even more skeptically with raised eyebrows.
Minato continued, “It is important for this mission that you form two teams of equal size. We will now raffle them, ”he reached into his pocket and took out four pieces of paper. "Is there a volunteer who would like to draw a piece of paper?" Even before the blonde-haired man had finished formulating his question, Obito stormed up to him and enthusiastically volunteered.
Minato grinned to himself, knowing he could have bet that Obito would answer first. For this reason he had given all the pieces of paper the same name in order to give luck a little bit of a boost.
So that the trick would not be exposed and to keep appearances, Sensei Minato announced that he had taken out the paper with Obito's name and offered him three pieces of paper to pull out.
At the same time, the student happily pulled the middle one and secretly hoped that he could form a team with Rin. But at the sight of the name, seconds ago his happy face twisted, as if he had bitten into a lemon. That could not be true! How much bad luck you have to have ...
The dark-haired boy was hypocritically asked who he had pulled.
"Kakashi ..." Obito muttered meekly, his euphoria completely ebbed away.
Kakashi's eyes darkened at the thought of having to work with his teammate for a week. At first he wanted to make sure that he had looked properly, but in the next moment he decided that Uchiha would not do this to them for no reason. If he had had a choice, he would have said another name.

To break the uncomfortable silence that had spread after the name was announced, Minato announced the obvious: “So Rin will form a team with Kohiru, as well as Kakashi and Obito. You are probably wondering what your job will be. A few days ago the Hokage received a request from the animal sanctuary in Konoha, in which they reported that they were completely overcrowded. Therefore it will be your job to take care of one animal each, so that the animal shelter will be relieved for a while. ”Minato gave Kakashi and Kohiru a box and revealed it in front of their eyes.

A small brown puppy and a black baby cat emerged. The boys looked at the little creatures in disbelief and horrified, while Rin and Obito cheered happily and admired the little creatures with delight: "Look what kind of soft fur the little one has." cute."
"Kohiru, look how cute our cat is and how it meows.", The girl said a few octaves higher to her colleague. She only got a slight smile in response.
The Uchiha boy had already taken the transport box from his colleague's hands and opened it. He immediately picked up the little brown puppy and stroked it gently. Kakashi reached into the box and took out an envelope with money and looked questioningly at her Sensei, whereupon he explained:
“Oh yes, there are envelopes with money in both transport boxes so that you can buy the most necessary things for the animals. I expect you to take good care of the little ones together. You make all decisions together, even if it is only about the animal's food or collar. At the end of the week I expect two healthy, happy animals and a two-page report from you about the course of the week. "

Kakashi hid his face in his hands. How did he deserve it? He has successfully completed all previous missions, which by no means only included D-rank missions. He had carefully prepared the mission reports and always submitted them on time. He was always present at all compulsory shinobi events. As soon as it was needed in any way, it was immediately available. He had even politely complied with the request of the Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi and was now a member of a team.
As a reward, he had been allowed to do skill-free missions for weeks that any academy student could carry out. He found his compulsory attendance at these more than questionable, since Uchiha and co. would also cope very well on their own.

Now the climax of it all came, he was allowed to clap Obito for a whole week and take care of a strange dog. But with Uchiha of all people, the chance was only one in three and this guy draws his name. Fate really doesn't mean it well with him.
Kakashi opened the palms in which he hid his face and squinted through. The others had left for a good ten minutes and he was here alone with Obito. The latter still patted the puppy and talked to it well.
If he was going to survive the week, he had to keep a clear head, take matters into his own hands, and make a few rules. Finally, the silver-haired man sat up with a sigh and cleared his throat noticeably, whereupon Obito looked at him curiously.

“Uchiha, we are in a team and have to get along for a week. That's why I suggest that we just put our personal conflicts on hold for this time. ”Obito agreed with the condition that his partner should kindly address him by his first name.
"All right, Obito", Kakashi emphasized his name, "since we agree on the formalities, I would like to suggest that we set up rules for each other so that we can make the mission as pleasant as possible for us."

The Uchiha boy looked at him with question marks on his face: "Huh ... rules? How do you mean? I don't think that's necessary. "

“Oh, but rules are very much needed. So that it is fair, everyone can put up as many as they want. The only condition is that these are logical and make sense. I'll start with the first one: Please, don't spoil the poor animal so much, because after this week it will end up in the shelter anyway. Also, don't talk to him as if he understands you. It is not human. "

Obito hugged the little one a little more indignantly, as if he wanted to protect the puppy from these words. “The little one is not it, but a he! Your rules are absolutely stupid, how do you know he doesn't understand us! Don't say so mean things in his presence, he should feel comfortable with us and maybe we will find a holder for him during the week. "

Kakashi remained unaffected by what I said and just said, bored: “Aha, so a he. He must have told you that during your chat. "

“No, he didn't tell me that, Kakashi! But you can see that, have a look yourself! ”Obito replied, annoyed. He couldn't stand it when his teammate pretended he was so grown up and knew everything better, because he was hardly older than himself.

Kakashi grimaced and replied, “I'm not looking at anything here. Now let's buy the utensils for the dog, our sensei talked about food and collar.After all, we want to carry out the mission successfully. "
For once, his counterpart refrained from making a comment and preferred to think his part about it. ´ It was clear that he was only interested in the mission and not the dog. What was our sensei thinking? That can still be really cheerful. ´
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