What is the salary of a MP

The diets

Office equipment on top

In addition to the diets, the MPs receive a tax-free lump sum and a so-called office equipment, which should help them to effectively exercise their mandate. The flat-rate fee covers the maintenance costs of constituency offices, travel costs in the constituency, the second home in Berlin or, for example, the postage for letters and the like. The flat rate is currently 4,305.46 euros per month. It is adjusted annually on January 1st to reflect the cost of living. For this, a member of parliament cannot claim a cent in income-related expenses separately for tax purposes.

An idea behind the flat rate: The tax offices belong to the executive and should not have to control which expenses a member of parliament needs for his mandate and which not. After all, it is parliament that controls the executive and not the other way around. The flat rate should therefore do justice to the principle of free mandate enshrined in the constitution.

Office equipment, on the other hand, includes benefits in kind and cash for employees and travel. The MPs are entitled to a furnished office in the Bundestag for themselves and their employees (currently 54 square meters), including communication devices. On top of that, there is a free ticket for Deutsche Bahn and you will also be reimbursed for the costs of domestic flights. In the urban area of ​​Berlin, parliamentarians can also use company vehicles. In the constituency, they have to drive their own vehicles.