How does Tencent make money with PUBG

Tencent: Pubg Mobile disappears from the Chinese market

After more than a year in a public test phase, the game company Tencent has withdrawn its Chinese version of Pubg Mobile from the market. The game had a large audience but was not allowed to earn any money until the end. Reuters reports that the news made waves in China - on the platform Weibo, which is comparable to Twitter, "Pubg is gone" was one of the most popular topics with over 300 million clicks.

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Tencent has been working on making Pubg Mobile fit for the Chinese market since the end of 2017. The government has issued strict guidelines for games there. From March to December 2018, no new licenses for publishing games were issued at all. According to the South China Morning Post, concerns about addiction risks and emerging nearsightedness in children have prevented new games from being enacted.

The new title with which Tencent is now allowed to earn money in the Chinese market is curious. It's called Game for Peace and looks confusingly similar to Pubg Mobile in a YouTube video. According to Reuters, the alternative game is said to be patriotic and pay tribute to the Chinese Air Force. How Game for Peace, on the other hand, intends to prevent addiction or myopia of its players is not known.

While Tencent claims to Reuters that the game is rolled into one "completely different genre" settled, players of the battle royale shooter experience something different. On Weibo, players report that even their level progress has been carried over from Pubg Mobile to Game for Peace. The strategy would make sense for Tencent: According to analysts at the investment bank China Renaissance, Pubg Mobile recently had 70 million active players.