Why is love so confusing

Granted, men are a species of their own. And yes, it is often not that easy to understand what they really want from you. They like to send, especially when it comes to data unclear signals that can be quite confusing. Here are the five strange things a man does when he really likes you!

He does these things when he really likes you

1. He is reluctant

If a man appears cautious, you may interpret this behavior as disinterest. The opposite is true! In fact, he's only silent because he's dealing with you don't want to forego. He'd rather leave the conversation to you before saying anything wrong.

2. He answers only very briefly

And speaking of silence - of course that also applies to his chat behavior on WhatsApp & Co. Here too he is afraid of being able to step into a faux pas and rather be brief.

3. He hardly touches you

Yes, you read that right. If he hardly makes any move to touch you in between, that's a very good sign! He just has Fear of acting too quickly and ruin your relationship by doing it.

4. He's playing with you

What loves each other teases each other - this phrase still applies today to the flirtation behavior of men. Because actually, if he tries to tease you a little, it's a pretty positive sign. This is his way to connect with you.

5. He is ignorant

What !? Some men still believe that they have to give a woman the cold shoulder in order to keep her to draw attention to yourself. Well, if that's the case ...