How does YouTube automatically adjust the video quality

YouTube for Android: New settings for video quality are being tested

Do you like to watch YouTube videos on your smartphone? If you answered yes to the question, then you may have played with the video quality settings many times, depending on how good or bad the connection in the cellular network was. Usually YouTube starts with a low resolution and then adjusts the quality to match the speed.

The video service has been testing new quality settings since June and now seems to want to bring them to men or women with a beta label. I don't have the whole thing yet, but maybe you will see if you can already see the new options. The user can then choose from a total of four settings:

  • Auto: Automatically adjusts the quality
  • High: Attempts to bring the video to the display in at least 720p
  • Data Saver: Displays the video in 144p - 480p
  • Advanced: You can decide which resolution you want to see.

The whole thing can be set for each video, but there is also the option of defining a standard for streaming via the cellular connection and WiFi in the settings. The app will then always choose your default.

Have a look and feel free to leave a comment if you can use these settings. It is currently unknown how long it will take Google to make the whole thing available to all users.