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Austria to India 2

Two friends who are enthusiastic about motorcycles decide in autumn 2011 to do something completely different instead of the constant daily grind. So after a long, intensive preparation, the two start a tour to India on their motorcycles. 1000PS is in contact with the traveling adventurers and we publish from the diary of the two:

Romania - a country full of (alp) dream roads
So we set off from Szeged together with Harold and Jana, and after a bit of orientation difficulties actually made it to Romania. Border formalities were done quickly. Richi didn't even get to take off his helmet before we'd all waved through after a short passport show.

Thanks to Jana and Harold
After the border we broke up with the two of them because they prefer a slightly different travel pace than we do. We also have slightly different goals and schedules for the trip. We hope that someday later it will adapt where to run into. The time with you was really great fun, it was a folk festival for us! :-)

From local areas and articulated lorries
Then we went on a very pleasant, if boring road straight to Romania. Over time, however, two things on the road became extremely annoying: On the one hand, there was one village after the other every few kilometers, and on the other hand, there was a lot of heavy traffic on this road. Very often there was suddenly a place-name sign in the middle of nowhere, and a kilometer later you could see the first signs of human settlement. Of course, it goes without saying that local areas were often only a few kilometers after the last inhabited house.

Many churches and monuments crossed our way through Romania.

Impressions from Romania

Extensive periphery
Many of the villages were really not particularly beautiful, with many houses it was clear to see that no one had lived there for years, with those in between it was obvious that it would probably not be too long before nobody lived here anymore. No wonder considering the amount of trucks that were on this road. Due to the heavy traffic, the road was already badly damaged in places, deep ruts were more the norm than the exception.
In one town, the grooves were actually so deep and sharp-edged that at the edge they already looked like sidewalk edges.

Empty freeway - congested federal highway
In places, three quarters of the traffic were semi-trailers, many of them with a dozen new Dacia cars on the back. The store should do really well in Romania! Many other well-known companies such as OMV, Raiffeisen, Strabag, Billa, etc. seem to be doing good business in Romania. Strabag is likely to have been awarded the contract to build a new motorway from Arad to Deva. The work was already in full swing, but it will be years before the main road will feel a noticeable relief. Very strange that here, where there is really a lot of traffic, the construction of a motorway is only now beginning, while in Bucharest we were partly completely alone on a completed motorway with three lanes in both directions.

Roadside snack time:
Never picnicked on a tank? We do.

It was also noticeable that there are quite a few street dogs. With one exception in a suburb of Bucharest, they were always very submissive and friendly and reserved. For the most part, they should be aware that they will be tolerated as long as they don't get offended by anyone. Unfortunately, you often see dogs that have been run over and hit on the street.

Comfortable night quarters - just the thing!
In the evening we had enough of this nightmare road and followed a sign that was written in German, among other things, to a campsite in a village a little off the main road. It was a real hit! The property there was run by an elderly Dutch couple: there was beer, a pool, and electricity for an unbeatable € 8 per person!
After the day, that's exactly what we needed! ;-)

After a refreshing swim, we went on a tour of discovery through the village.

Many of the houses are really in good shape and adorned with lovely decorations.

The next day - off to the Transfagarasan
Most of the road is really very easy to drive on, I would have said about 1/4 is in excellent condition, about half in "normal mountain road condition" such as many passes in the Alps, and about 1/4 in "Romanian condition" . No problem for our KTM Adventures, potholes and bumps eat our Dakar rally chassis for breakfast! ;-)

Driving fun on KTM
The KTMs were really a lot of fun here, the combination of 625cm³ steam hammer with Mikuni flat slide carburetor and Sebring complete system is a source of joy beyond compare. This is really raw, unadulterated, direct motorcycling the way I love it! When the power of every piston stroke meets with a resonance in every fiber of my body, the senses are sharpened by the adrenaline as it rarely is, and you can finally really feel yourself and life again! Transfagarasan - We like it a lot!

The Transfagarasan:One of the best roads in the world, according to TopGear, a UK auto television show.

After several kilometers on wonderfully winding roads we came to this picturesque reservoir.
Another highlight was the road to Bran. Many alpine passes can hide in front of the route.

Transylvania - In the footsteps of Count Dracula
Soda, we actually made it to Bran, where there is a small castle on the outskirts of Transylvania that the local tourism companies like to sell as "Dracula's Castle". By the time we were done looking for a place to stay and urgently needed personal hygiene, the castle was of course already closed and so we only went to dinner. In terms of nightlife, however, there was not much going on. We planned the conquest of the castle early the next day and then drove briskly further south and therefore went to bed early.

After coffee and breakfast we stormed the legendary castle.

Refill oil, clean the visors and head to the southeast
Actually, we wanted to camp somewhere by a lake in the wild (that's officially allowed in Romania). But after we didn't have anything for dinner with us and we didn't like the lake up close as it looked on the map, we chugged further through small Romanian villages.

Over the Danube
After a few unsuccessful attempts to find something vegetarian, we actually managed to find ingredients for a dinner later. We then started looking for a place to camp on the Danube. Unfortunately there were always some "Proprietata Privata" signs or angry dogs, so that we suddenly found ourselves in front of the ferry across the Danube. Well, then we will cross over today, the other side of the river looks much friendlier for camping anyway.

The ferry, by the way, turned out to be a pretty fun vehicle.
Most western safety inspectors would likely succumb to acute cardiac arrest if they saw a raft being pushed across the river by a boat tied with only two ropes.
We thought it was great! ;-)

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