Why do Siamese cats purr

Facts about cats

1. Purring doesn't always mean cats are happy. Cats also purr when they are scared or injured.
2. A cat bite is more easily infected than a dog bite (but a human bite is the most dangerous!).
3. Cats purr at the same frequency as a diesel engine (about 26 times a second).
4. Cats can travel up to 50 kilometers per hour.
5. White cats with blue eyes are usually deaf. (White cats with only one black eye are only deaf to the ear on the blue eye side. White cats with orange eyes do not suffer from this phenomenon)
6. A cat's brain is more similar to a human brain than a dog's.
7. A cat has more bones than a human (230 to 206). She also has more vertebrae (30 to 25).
8. Cats hear and smell three to four times better than humans.
You see around 6 times better.
9. The normal body temperature of a cat is 102 ° F or 38.8 ° Celsius.
10. Cats can jump five times their height.
11. Cats' whiskers are as long as their bodies are wide.
12. A cat's heart beats twice as fast as that of humans (110-140 times per minute).
13. Only domestic cats keep their tails in the air when walking. Wildcats never do that.
14. A pair of cats and their children can produce up to 420,000 offspring in just seven years.
15. Sir Isaac Newton not only discovered gravity, he also invented the cat door.
16. Cats almost never meow to another cat. This sound is reserved for humans.
17. Cats, giraffes and camels are the only animals that move both legs to one side at the same time when you walk, first right front and back legs, then left and so on.
18. Cats are partially color blind. You see red and green in reverse colors.
19th All cats are born with blue eyes. The color changes only after a few weeks.