Who is the strongest Goldberg Kane or Batista

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@ Batista:

You can certainly make subjective decisions about boring gimmicks.
But if Daniel Bryan is to be boring himself, good wrestling has to be very boring to you.
Especially since your namesake looks like a bloody amateur to Bryan in the ring.
Which doesn't even mean Batista is really bad.
Like Ryback couldn't win any laurels from Batista.
There are worlds in between.
Well - I'll admit it's unfair to put Batista and Bryan in a head-to-head comparison. Physical characteristics always have their respective advantages and disadvantages. πŸ˜‰


And as for Goldberg:
I even understand that as an entertainer he would add a certain value to Wrestlemania XXX.
But wherever he speaks up, this guy suffers from complete overestimation of himself and material greed.
The event itself - and meeting old colleagues - doesn't seem to mean much to this egomaniac.
... I can even understand him a little.
Because he won't meet REAL friends behind the scenes at Wrestlemania anyway.

And who knows: in the end, Jericho spontaneously beats him in the locker room. For the sake of the good old days ... πŸ˜‰

If anything, I'm in favor of a no disqualification match: Goldberg vs Jericho
And Goldberg can win ...
... if he CAN win against Jericho without his wrestling gimmick.
In other words: I would enjoy it if Chris could finally kick his arrogant "gold-plated" buttocks real and in color. πŸ˜‰

Speaking of what I forgot about "golden" wrestling legends:

Goldust> Goldberg
'Sorry Goldust for even comparing this puke with your person.

Not only is Dustin a skilled old school wrestler, he also has the personality, team spirit and maturity that I believe make a real legend in business.
Certainly he had in his father Dusty, a great role model and an excellent teacher with human empathy. But building an independent career as the son of a wrestling legend certainly doesn't just have its sunny side.
Because where the sun shines, there is also the danger of walking forever in the great shadow that it is able to cast.

So it would be cool if Goldust and Cody could defend their belts at Wrestlemania against a tag team legend like the New Age Outlaws. Especially since the constellation of both teams with Triple H & Co. could provide great material for this match.


Point 1: What do ratings have to do with a wrestler's skills? Right ... nothing!
Point 2: I have no idea how you come up with it, but the quarter-hour ratings regularly rise with Bryan in the same order of magnitude as they do with Cena and Punk! So basically exactly the opposite of what you just throw into the room here.

But I think we should end this. You don't understand what is meant by β€œbest wrestler in the world”. And basically it doesn't matter, because it doesn't change the fact at all, whether you understand it or not. Bryan is the best wrestler in WWE right now, and arguably the second best in the world, behind Tanahashi, and Batista is arguably not even in the top 100. Whether you like him or you see it doesn't matter in the end.

@ Batista:

When it comes to what many people would like to do, the ability of actors to be objectively assessed rarely prevails.
For example, you only have to take a look at the music charts and casting formats. You won't find anything complicated where the appreciation of musical skills is the focus of interest.
CONTINUOUSLY Finding entertainment in a simple way is a treat for every listener, for my sake.
But to rate the abilities of such "artists" higher than, for example, those of a Shostakovich, can without question be called an unprofessional error.

Bryan is simply not a character who, from a superficial viewpoint of pure external appearances, can advertise himself with tremendous physical attraction.
That alone makes a huge difference in the mass compatibility with the usual WWE audience.
But he always delivers the better matches than many of his colleagues.
Who can say who exactly is THE best wrestler in the world?
I cant do it either.
But he is definitely one of the best wrestlers who have ever been captured by a camera. Why was a Mike Quackenbush never with the WWE?
Because he can't wrestle? Hardly likely. Because its format was never promoted there; and the general public would never recognize his talent.

Daniels is on a rather atypical presentation plate at WWE.
He was the hope for his Indy fan base that his format would open up to a wide audience.
A partial success - without question. Because widespread recognition at WWE has or would inevitably result in the product of WWE itself changing.
To the detriment of the current beneficiaries of the system. πŸ˜‰

But I clearly agree with you on one point:
Wrestling skills alone can seldom survive.

I myself liked to see the warlord at WWF at the time, for example. A man who, in terms of his wrestling potential, is roughly in Batista's league.
(Incidentally, also Batista's personal favorite wrestler.) πŸ˜‰

So I can 100% understand that there are tons of Batista fans out there.
The overall package wrestling + entertainment can potentially be recognized in his case, even if it is not entirely able to meet one's own taste.
I would never say that he doesn't deserve a place on the roster.
Especially not when I read some other names there ...

I mean, that my enthusiasm for wrestling, the need for entertainment OFF THE RING, MOSTLY outweighs.

If, however, characters like Cena ensure the highest ratings at all, that does not testify to the existing taste variations on the part of the audience, but to the simple-knit claim that strongly dominates the WWE audience.
Minds that - for whatever reason - do not deal with the matter of the beloved hobby beyond the simple "good" - "bad" clichΓ©s.

A rogue who wants to see evil in my sentences. πŸ˜‰


Not in the least. The fact that Bryan wins viewers every week like a top star in a promotion does, as only Cena, Punk and, with some reservations, Orton do at the moment, only shows that he is not only one of the best wrestlers in the world, but now also one the best sports entertainers. If you were to let a Tyson Kidd show what he can really do for 15 minutes a week, many viewers would still switch off. But if you let a big show mess around, many people stay tuned. Just being a great wrestler is not enough at WWE. But Bryan is now much more than just a very good wrestler. But whether Bryan is entertaining you is a subjective assessment. If that is not the case with User Batista, and he doesn't think he's a good entertainer, then so be it for him. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, see it very differently. But that Bryan is one of the best wrestlers in the world, you can't just brush it off the table. Like it or not, that's the way it is. As I said. You have to separate entertainers and wrestlers a little.


Bryan has been in the ring for almost 15 years now and has been one of the world's best since 2005 at the latest. πŸ˜€ As I said, the most prestigious prizes in pro wrestling are the Wrestling Observer Awards. Not the PWI or the Slammies, these are completely worthless prizes. And at the WO Awards, Bryan won the Awards for Best Wrestler from 2006-2010, the Award for Technically Best Wrestler from 2005-2012 and in 2007 for Match of the Year. So he was basically one of the best, if not THE best, in the world before most WWE fans ever heard of him. πŸ˜€

I just kind of despair how many people don't understand what it means to be a very good wrestler. You don't have to be in the upper card for WWE (you don't even have to be in WWE at all), you don't have to win any titles ... In this day and age, there is no active wrestler who has performed world-class on one for so many years Brings level like Daniel Bryan Danielson. In this millennium I can't think of anyone who was at such a consistently high level.


You just didn't understand what I was writing. That's why I explained it to you and didn't say anything to you. I just said odds don't depend on good wrestlers. Whether someone gets good ratings does not say anything about whether he is an outstanding wrestler. But that doesn't mean that you can be an outstanding wrestler and still get good ratings. One does not exclude the other at all.


AJPW? You are just proving that you know your way around nothing but just throw something into the room. πŸ˜€ Don't just google anything. πŸ˜€ You still have to learn a lot * patpat * πŸ˜‰ Batista is not one of the best wrestlers in the world in any universe in the world. Not even in the beginning. Never, never will. Because there are differences in whether someone is a great wrestler (and not a "technician") or a great entertainer. Batze would never have become a wrestler had he not been approached by WWE scouts. Batze would never have caught on outside of WWE. He would never have become a star at ROH, NJPW etc. because he lacks the skills. That is why he may be a good entertainer for you, and that is why he will not be a very good wrestler in 1000 years.


The Wrestling Observer Awards are voted for by fans and experts from all over the world. And not just WWE but across all promotions worldwide. So these awards are worth something because they are not based on storylines or promotions and are not given by officials or the promotions themselves. It is chosen by people who can usually judge who is a good wrestler. And just like in other sports, figure skating, high diving, there is the possibility in wrestling to decide who are the best. You just have to have some idea of ​​the matter. And as I said. It's not really optional whether or not Bryan is a world class wrestler. It doesn't matter if you like him, it is. It's not about whether he's entertaining you or whether he's a good entertainer, it's about how good he is in the ring, and there isn't really much to discuss if you know something. πŸ˜‰

Uhhh - with the arbitrary substitutability of some wrestlers, from the point of view of the fans, this is a very tricky thing.

Every wrestler on the WWE roster will have fans somewhere in the world who call their darling indispensable and also see this as a personal truth.

Only the popularity of some stars actually depends on their artificially created position in the roster alone.
For example, how many fans would Cena have if he had to lose to most of his colleagues?
Far less - that much is certain.
If Cesaro had to lose all matches, that wouldn't change the fact that I count him among my all-time favorites.

Wrestlers are performers who, however, have to have certain skills in order not to endanger their colleagues with insufficient training, health beyond an always existing minimal risk.

Some actors can be expected to have more responsibility or more complex actions in the ring than others.
In addition to the atmosphere and the synergies that the wrestlers generate, this factor also plays a significant role in delivering an overall viewable match.
And of course you need concepts on how to stage these talents when it comes to storylines.
Some wrestlers can speak for themselves, others are worth it, that despite some deficits, you give them a suitable companion by the hand.
A suitable body language can also be completely convincing in connection with a linguistically fluent manager.
Of course, one must also take into account that a 7-foot-tall man, over 300 lbs, has different standards than a cruiser weight.
Diversity in every form - of course that remains a hook that should always be taken into account.

WWE has a creative department for that.
One should be allowed to accept.
And there I would also let people work there myself who I consider to be particularly committed, technically competent and, in some cases, also individualistic.

And with an eye on all these factors, I would recruit appropriate, active staff in the ring - and put the best overall packages created at the top of the league.

The roster would change tremendously. The overall concept would be even more concerned with the health of the actors. Not, however, by cutting the entire repertoire of the stars - but by involving as much risk reduction as possible in the preparation of the matches and involving appropriately skilled people. In my opinion, there is a huge difference between whether someone has a Piledriver in their repertoire, or should be strangled with an S-wire by a colleague suffering from hepatitis, or whether existing health restrictions are covered up and filled with pain blockers and the same is kept silent because he rightly does not promise any social security from his employer.

The best get the best paid jobs, in the league that generally pays particularly well. Also, there is no such thing as nonsense that wrestlers have to take care of their visas, insure themselves, or pay travel expenses out of their own pocket.
Complete focus on what should be understood as core competencies in business.
However, there are also no inflated advertising clauses that overshadow regular earnings in individual cases.

Well - I don't know if everyone understands what I'm trying to say.
But in the end it is clear that not every applicant who is currently working at WWE and who is unjustifiably praised to heaven would not be accepted in this concept.

You can't leave such decisions to the fans.
Even if you have to consider their opinion in principle, which is completely out of the question.
It is unfortunate, however, when supposedly professionally trained staff make decisions that could have come from an underage fan who regards the spectacle as an almost real event.

No (far) view of the capabilities and limitations of the real people who stand behind the WWE product that is marketed.

@ Batista

Kenta Kobashi has ended his career, and he hasn't been one of the best in years. Misawa died in 2009 following a prohibited action. You just embarrassed yourself pretty much here. Today's stars are called Tanahashi, Okada, KENTA (not to be confused with Kenta Kobashi), Kota Ibushi and Co. and are mainly active at NJPW. AJPW hasn't been number 1 in Japan for years!

The Pro Wrestling Illustratet "PWI 500" is almost worthless because it holds Kayfabe and includes storylines and titles in the evaluation. So a list for Marks. πŸ˜‰

Otherwise, I recommend you to register on our board. I think you would learn a lot about pro wrestling there. And maybe we'll talk to each other again in a few years. πŸ˜‰