When shouldn't you fall in love?

5 situations you shouldn't fall in love with

Last update: September 27, 2016

Falling in love is an experience that we all want to have at least once in a lifetime and that we deserve. It elevates us and makes us better people. At the end of the day, love is one of the most incredible and fascinating feelings in the world.

Being in love gives us a feeling that fills us with life and that makes us happy. However, there are also many people who deny that love and suffering can go hand in hand.

When we fall in love we hope not to suffer, the love we feel in these moments leaves no room for this opposite sensation. What is certain, if we are realistic and intelligent, is that sometimes suffering is part of the process that thus allows us to learn to grow within and to appreciate true love.

Because of this final aspect of what being in love means, we carry you a list of today 5 situations together, Where falling in love can only lead to a broken heartso that we can learn to assess the situation realistically:

1. Do not fall in love with a situation that arose out of lust. Because of the films and books in which this type of love is the main theme, we are led to believe that we can fall in love after a passionate night, or that a fairy tale must contain this type of love.
This has nothing to do with our everyday life and real life. It is therefore important to be able to tell the difference between a physical and an emotional connection. Being aware of this will allow us not to pointlessly break our own hearts.

2. Don't fall in love when there's a deadline that is about to expire. When you've met the person of your dreams and they let you know that they have planned a stay in another country, then your time with them is limited by a deadline.
Deadlines are made for one reason: Determine the end of a stage. So ask yourself the question: Why should you get into a relationship whose days are numbered? If you put your heart into this situation, you will likely end up alone and disappointed.

3. Don't fall in love, "no matter what people say". We humans always have many “stupid” reasons why we shouldn't be with the person we love. The difference between your feelings and those of others is likely to be in context.
What we shouldn't ignore is the situation that arises when all of your family and friends reject the person you fell in love with. If they all agree, there is a very good chance that something is going wrong. Your family and your honest friends always love and care for you, they only want the best for you.
If this situation repeats itself frequently in your life, the moment may have come when you should rethink the way you live and act, by wondering if you are feeling this good or if you need to change something.

4. Don't fall in love if there are too many miles between you. If you spend too much time in this situation, you will learn that loving someone does not involve excessive effort or constant emotional struggle.
You may be wondering if what you are living in is worth the effort, for better or for worse. As you start to think this, you may be able to imagine your partner asking the same question. Living this situation will Eventually increase your emotional pressures and as a result lead to a possible separation in order not to subject your body to any greater stress.

5. Don't fall in love when you know the other person will never. When we fall in love with someone, we already know who he or she is and whether or not he is capable of falling in love. So if you are aware of it why do you think you could change that?
If you know such a person, don't fight with it. That person will continue to want to do what they want, and it is likely that in the strenuous attempt to make them fall in love with you, you will unnecessarily break yourself for something that was a "no" to begin with.

So we can in such situations Leave our hearts "on the bench" and be realistic in order to avoid possible suffering. Even if you really want to live your life and real love for yourself, forget all of that!

Because if you really love and want to be loved, your heart is the best advisor. It relies on what you feel, on your intuition. Just relax and enjoy the wonderful journey and affection for someone who has been by your side for a short time in your life.

In this way you will love and if you do, do it with all your heart, because each of us is unique and has something valuable to share with others.

But there is always someone who wins the lottery. Perhaps you are the exception to all that has been written above. We look forward to your stories!