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The Caljan story

Decade after decade


Now with the introduction of the Caljan Belt Track Performer line, we can celebrate our 50th anniversary with an unprecedented and unprecedented range of telescopic conveyors.


In order to be able to offer 24/7 service in the UK, 365 days a year with a two-hour response time, Caljan is taking over AMH Services and the headquarters are being relocated to Milton Keynes.


Our history is becoming global, production facilities have been opened in Kunshan / China. With production facilities all over the world, we are able to serve all of our international customers locally.

Caljan is now a truly global brand.


To complement our telescopic conveyor range, Caljan is taking over LogComp, a German company specializing in belt curve conveyors and labeling systems.


The company continues to grow, and another production facility has been opened - this time in Latvia.


Caljan and the European Rite-Hite division, based in the Netherlands, merge. This becomes Caljan Rite-Hite with headquarters in Aarhus / Denmark. There are sales offices in Denmark, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Germany. The production of telescopic conveyors remains in Denmark.


Caljan becomes part of the Rite-Hite Corporation, founded in 1965 by Arthur K. White. Rite-Hite is recognized around the world for loading dock equipment and facilities, industrial gates, safety barriers and high volume low speed commercial fans. All designed to improve safety, productivity and energy consumption.


In order to meet customer requirements, Caljan has expanded its conveyor line to include so-called “ground support equipment (GSE)” for airports. Although this line will later be discontinued, baggage handling systems with the Caljan name can still be found in airports today.

Part of the company was sold to two venture capital investment companies to fund expansion plans. The overhead conveyor division is then sold.


Caljan receives an extraordinarily large order from the Deutsche Bundespost. This assignment is the trailblazer, Caljan adapts to life in the fast lane. The demand for customer-specific conveyor systems is growing, Caljan products are more modular and offer the necessary flexibility.

Caljan is the preferred supplier for telescopic conveyors.


The Caljan story becomes transcontinental. Sales and subsequent production facilities are set up in Colorado / USA.


Caljan continues to expand in Europe. A significant milestone is the establishment of a branch in Germany to serve the needs of loyal customers. Many of them are still with us today.


Around this time the name is contracted and Caljan becomes a notable brand in the mining industry.


It becomes apparent that loading and unloading is the bottleneck in the sorting process. Svend and Kaj start research and soon the first telescopic conveyor is developed.


The Caljan story becomes international through trading with clients in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Benelux countries and the United Kingdom.


The Calundan u. Jansen Engineer and Machine Factory is founded in a district of Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city. Conveyors are developed and manufactured to order.