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Rafael Nadal Parera was born in Mallorca as the son of the entrepreneur Sebastián and his wife Ana María Parera. Influenced by his uncle, who worked as a professional athlete himself, he developed a great interest in ball sports from an early age. He hit the first balls on the pitch at the age of three. Rafael Nadal was an exceptional talent in both tennis and football. However, when he had to choose a career, his choice fell on tennis.

From various junior championships, Nadal quickly made it into the professional league, in which he played his first ATP tournaments. For a long time he was the undisputed leader of tennis, between 2005 and 2007 Nadal was able to look back on an unbelievable series of 81 games in a row, until Roger Federer finished it in the final of the Hamburg Masters tournament.

Nevertheless, Rafael Nadal was able to record numerous other victories. The tennis star won Wimbledon and the US Open twice, and the French Open nine times. The professional was also able to win the Australian Open once. Only seven players have so far managed to leave the field victorious in all four Grand Slam tournaments.

However, in mid-2008, Rafael Nadal hit the headlines with less good news: He was struggling with a serious knee injury that put him out of action until 2009. However, the forced break did not affect his career: in 2011 he was named World Sportsman of the Year 2010 for his outstanding achievements.

In 2016, Nadal had to face doping allegations from French Sports Minister Roselyne Bachelot. However, Nadal sued the minister for defamation and was ruled: the politician was found guilty by the court, Nadal received 10,000 euros in damages.

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