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Brain tuning

Dave Asprey, inventor of Bulletproof Coffee and author of the bestselling book The Bulletproof Diet, has worked with world-renowned doctors for the past decade researching the neuroplasticity of the brain. His main goal was to find out how our mental performance, energy and resilience can be increased. He found that simple lifestyle changes called "hacks" can make big changes in brain activity. When he used these hacks on himself, his IQ increased by 20 points and, at the same time, his biological age decreased.
In his new book, Brain Tuning, Asprey shows what our brain needs to be at its best all day long so that we can think absolutely clearly and do a lot more in less time. Four central areas of everyday life are affected: nutrition, sleep, exercise and lighting both at work and at home. If targeted optimizations are made here, the growth of neurons is stimulated and new mitochondria are formed. Information can then be processed more quickly and the brain has a multiple of energy available.

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