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Interview with Troye Sivan: "I've become more confident"

Troye Sivan blossoms in the new album

He's already in Australia thanks to his participation in "Star Search" and a role in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" a star since childhood. Troye Sivan, who grew up in Perth, is now delighted with his clever synth-electro-pop the rest of the world too. In his new album "Bloom" the singer addresses in happy but also melancholy songs his very personal flourishing. We chatted with Troye Sivan in an interview what he meant by that.

UNICUM: Troye, what's on your agenda today?
Troye Sivan: Dance Lessons! I really like to dance, but always by feeling and without technical knowledge or real control over my body. I want to work on that a bit, also with regard to the live performances.

In the video for your song "My My My!" you dance pretty well already.
Yes, judging by the fact that I grew up believing I couldn't dance at all, it's not that bad. I used to only dance when I was drunk. In the meantime I've become more self-confident, so I can do it without alcoholic support.

Your new album also sounds more confident. "Bloom" is full of fast-paced and exuberant pop songs. How do you see your own development?
I've become more extroverted and courageous. In my songs and otherwise as a person. With my first album I was even more careful, more tentative. I didn't really know how it all worked. Now I felt more focused and more confident in the studio. I knew more precisely what I wanted, was more communicative and tried a lot and also gave my opinion. The result is more light-footed, funnier and overall less melancholy.

Do you think of yourself as more light-footed and funnier?
Yes, without a question. Today I feel a lot more comfortable in my skin. A lot has changed and almost everything has changed for the better. I'm far happier than I was as a teenager.

You were already a child star in Australia, grew up on the Internet and have been a big hit on YouTube for a long time. How much planning is there in your career?
At first none at all. I really wanted to make music and sing, and I would have continued without any attention. Simply because I enjoy it so much. Suddenly it was a job that made me earn money, and at 14 or 15 I was already in business meetings. I still looked like a kid, but I totally did the adult things. On the other hand, I still feel very youthful and open and enthusiastic about the world. I'm wild about the long life that hopefully lies ahead of me.

Troye wants to give young people a place of refuge

Why do you feel better today than you used to?
Personal stuff. I spent most of my childhood and youth stressed out about my sexuality and mine Coming outs. And I wanted to become a singer and move to America, to conquer the world. I put a lot of pressure on myself. In the meantime I have come out and live from music in Los Angeles. I can really enjoy it all right now.

How did your coming out go?
For me personally it was no problem to say that I am gay. For my parents, my siblings, and my friends too. Still, coming out is something that preoccupies you more than you initially think. Finding yourself and knowing who you are doesn't just happen overnight - it's a long process. Above all, I want to help people who have had or are having a more complicated coming out than me. I want to be a place of refuge for young people. I am extremely motivated when the kids tell me that my music has helped them through difficult times.

The title song "Bloom" is about a sexual journey of discovery and awakening. You say it's the gayest song on the album. In what way?
My face, how much fun was it to write "Bloom" (laughs). It's by far the most explicit song on the album, but the one sex is disguised in these pure white metaphors. And this almost bubblegum pop-like sound. That bright pop song that talks about the act of love between two men is a combination that really made me giggle.

Nevertheless, the text remains clean and youth-friendly.
Correct. At its core, "Bloom" is a love song that is about sweet, tender and consensual sex acts. In addition, "Bloom" is the logical title for the album, because the big theme of these songs is the feeling of becoming more and more of the person I want to be.

In contrast, "The Good Side" sounds very acoustic and melancholy.
Yeah, that's a break-up song about my ex-boyfriend and me. He was my first boyfriend then, it has been some time since then, but the situation still pangs me. You can't get over something like that one hundred percent.

You are now in a happy relationship with the model Jacob Bixenman, you also live together, right?
Yeah, it's going really well right now. We experience a lot of really great things together. We enjoy love.

Interview with Troye Sivan: "I'm very happy with my life right now"

How did "Dance To This", your duet with your colleague Ariana Grande, come about?
Ariana and I are good friends. She is the coolest and nicest girl ever. And she has the greatest voice of any girl I know, Ariana's voice is what I'm really obsessed with. I knew she was ideal for the song. And she immediately accepted.

Ariana is one of the most successful pop singers in the world. Do you want to be as famous as they are?
I'm not sure,. Ariana is in a different league. I am very happy with my life right now. I do everything I've always dreamed of, but at the same time I'm still a pretty normal boy who can do whatever he wants in everyday life. I would have to adjust a lot if I became a superstar like Ariana.

You yourself became known early on on the Internet. Do you have any tips for teenagers on how to present themselves on social media?
It's a difficult balance. You can't be too careless, but you have to present yourself in person if you want to build a public career online. I love networking with everyone on the Internet and being able to be sure that my voice will really be heard there. But the world is crazy. I can only say: what is once on the net stays there forever. So watch out for any nonsense and only post things that you won't be terribly embarrassed about in a few years' time.

Are there any embarrassing things about you to discover on the internet?
Let me take a quick look (laughs). Yes! But it's not something I hurt anyone else with, so I don't care.

The song "Seventeen" is about a sexual encounter with an older man while you were a minor yourself. Wasn't it difficult for you to get this piece out?
Yes. But these experiences belong to me. I was 16 or 17, I was curious, I wanted to experience things, get to know myself better. I lost myself a little in the process, not all experiences were pleasant. The tales of various friends who had a very similar experience made the deciding factor for me to write this song. Maybe almost everyone does something like that. I don't want to condemn or approve of any of this, but it's just the reality.

Do your parents learn details about your life through your songs that they didn't know before?
Most certainly. Fortunately, my parents are not very text-oriented listeners, they are more about the rhythm and the music. And I am grateful to both of them that they have so far avoided asking me about my texts.

Troye Sivan soon to be seen on the big screen

You will soon be seen in the cinema too. In the drama "Boy Erased", which will be released in November, you will play alongside Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe, among others. What is the movie about?
About a gay boy in the ultra-conservative American "Bible Belt" in Arkansas, who is supposed to undergo therapy in a youth camp that will free him from his homosexuality. I play one of the guys in this camp. I think this film is important and great. I am proud to be part of it.

What do you think of a camp like this?
The thought is sick and extremely dangerous. And if your child comes up to you and says they're gay or lesbian, it's definitely not the right way to deal with it. In fact, such camps still exist in several countries around the world. I myself grow up in a generation in which people are more and more indifferent to who the others are into. People should be able to live freely and happily and find out how they feel at their own pace. It is my great wish that something like a coming out will no longer be necessary in a few years' time.

Here you can listen to Troye Sivan's album "Bloom":

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