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The Contacts app displays your phone's address book. You can choose where the contents of the address book are saved: Either you save the data locally on the device or in your Google account. Some manufacturers also offer to save a limited number of contacts on the SIM card.

The Contacts app always displays the data in the same way regardless of the selected storage location.

Starting position

The Contacts app from Google is preinstalled on many devices. Some manufacturers also offer their own contact apps.

Data transfer

The Google Contacts app stores all contacts in your Google account. In the standard setting, the app transfers all your address book entries to the Google servers via the Internet. To check whether contacts are already saved in your Google account, log in to https://contacts.google.com with the Google account information to which your mobile phone is linked.

Other contacts apps also offer the option of saving the contacts in the Google account - but here you have the choice. Alternatively, you can also save them locally on the device or on the SIM card.

Some apps ask for the desired storage location every time a new contact is saved, others allow this setting in the menu.


If you want to continue using the Google Contacts app, switch off the synchronization of your address book data with the Google account.

You can find the setting under. It is even safer to deactivate the Google Contacts app and replace it with a privacy-friendly alternative.

Note: When you open it for the very first time, the Google Contacts app asks for the desired storage location (Google account or device storage). However, it currently does not seem to be possible to change this storage location later.

Contacts app - recommendations

Simple Contacts Pro

Open source app (F-Droid, Play Store) by the Slovak programmer Tibor Kaputa. Belongs to the highly recommended series of Simple Mobile Tools against Bloatware.

To select the storage location for address book data in the app, tap on the button at the bottom of the view when creating a new contact. In addition to the Google account, you can select "Phone Contacts" or "Device Storage" there.

Under "Phone Contacts", the contacts are stored on the device in such a way that other apps such as Messenger can read them out if necessary. The item "Device memory" stores the contacts in the internal memory of the Contacts app so that other apps cannot see them.

Costs: 99 cents in the Play Store, free of charge in F-Droid - donations are possible.


Some devices do not even have a local storage location for contacts, but only offer the Google account as a storage location. In this case you can use the MyLocalAccount app to create a local directory on your mobile phone yourself.

The app is developed by an Austrian programmer who also offers the MyPhoneExplorer recommended by us under the name FJ Softwaredevelopment.

Note: MyLocalAccount is not an app for managing or editing contacts, but only sets up a storage location on your device. If you install it, no app icon will appear on the start screen.

After installation, go to: and tap MyLocalAccount in the list. If you now open your contacts app and add a new contact, you should have the choice of either creating the contact in the Google account or in the MyLocalAccount account.

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