Amazon Drive is free for Prime members

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With the subscription taken out, Amazon Prime customers can take advantage of a number of advantages offered by the shopping giant. In addition to faster shipping, music and video offers and a lending library, Prime customers also have cloud storage on the Amazon Drive: 5 GB for videos and files and an unlimited amount for photos. In combination with the free Prime Photos app from Amazon, you can automatically save your smartphone photos online.

To set up the Prime Photos service, the first thing you need to do is install the app. If the Amazon shopping app is already on your mobile device and you are logged in there, then your Amazon account is automatically linked to the "Prime Photos" app. You will now be taken to the option to enable automatic saving. Tap here on "OK" and grant the necessary permissions for photos, media and files. All photos that are on your smartphone are now displayed and can be sorted according to the date they were taken or uploaded. The upload starts automatically. In addition, images can be uploaded manually using the three vertical dots and then "Select", because screenshots and (supposed) Dopplers are not taken into account during the auto upload. You can recognize these recordings by the crossed-out cloud symbol. For each picture that you want to upload, check the top left and start the upload via the cloud symbol.

You can also create albums from the images. If you want to switch off the automatic backup, you will find the option at the bottom right under "More -> Settings -> Save automatically". Deactivate the function using the slider.

Tip: Smartphone cameras are becoming more and more powerful, but the classic camera industry is not happy about that. Sales of digital cameras in particular are declining. No wonder: With a current device, most users have a photo camera that is more than sufficient for laypersons at hand in their trouser pockets. (PC world)