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A person we loved is no longer there. But he is everywhere we are and remember him.
There is nothing that can replace the presence of a loved one for us.
The more beautiful and full the memory, the harder the separation.
Death rearranges the world. Apparently nothing has changed
and yet everything has changed.
It is good when the passing of time does not appear to us as something
that consumes us, but as something that completes us.
That alone matters what you became in the hour of your death.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Dawn can only be reached on the path of night.
Khalil Gibran
Death is like the sea, the easy one crosses it effortlessly, while the heavy goes down.
Khalil Gibran
The veil that clouds your eyes will be lifted from the hands that wove it.
Khalil Gibran
Only a life that seeks life in the body fears the grave.
This life in the world - with all that it contains - is a dream.
The awakening from this dream is death.
Memory is a form of encounter
Do not speak sorrowfully of my departure, but close your eyes,
and you'll see me among you, now and always.
You are no longer where you were - but you are everywhere we are.
He just left, very quiet as day goes when night comes.
I am not dead, I just change the rooms, I live in you and go through your dreams.
You are not dead, you just change rooms.
You live in us and go through our dreams.
The man who has lived the most is not who counts the highest years,
but the one who has felt his life the most.
The only important thing in life are the traces of love
that we leave behind when we have to leave without asking and say goodbye.
I left you, only for a brief moment and not far at all.
When you get to where I am now, you will wonder why you cried.
There is a land of the living and a land of the dead.
And the bridge between them is love
the only thing that lasts, the only meaning.
A good, noble person who lived with us cannot be taken from us,
he leaves a shining trail like those extinguished stars,
the image of which the inhabitants of the earth can still see centuries later.
With the wings of time, sadness flies away.
When you think of me, do not be sad. Better tell about me
and dare to laugh quietly.
Let me have a place between you as I had in life.
One morning you don't wake up, but the birds are singing
as they sang yesterday. Nothing changes this daily routine. Only you left.
You are free now and our dreams wish you luck.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
It was as if heaven had kissed the earth silently, so that it was shimmering with blossoms
must now dream of him '. And my soul ... "
A good person who has lived with us cannot be taken from us.
He leaves a trail like those dead stars
the image of which the earth's inhabitants can still see years later. "
One day I'll lie in nowhere with an angel somehow.
Death is the gateway to light at the end of a path that has become arduous.
It is a distance that was from which we come.
It is a distance that will be where we go.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
In a sense, death is an impossibility that suddenly becomes a reality.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
You can see the sun going down and still be shocked when it suddenly gets dark.
Franz Kafka - suggested by Elke
Now it was time for you.
We were wrong when we thought we were ready.
Our dear dead did not die, they just ceased to be mortal.
Ottokar Kernstock
Shining days.
Don't cry that it's over.
Smile that she has been!
It can't stay like this forever, here under the changing moon
a time blooms and withers what with us inhabits the earth.
August von Kotzebue
Our life is the river that pours into the sea, which is called 'dying'.
Federico Garcia Lorca
The memory is the only paradise
from which we cannot be driven out.
Jean Paul
When you think of me, remember the hour when you loved me the most.
Rainer Maria Rilke
Maybe love also means learning
to let someone go
know when to say goodbye
don't let our feelings
stand in the way
which is probably better for those we love in the end.
Sergio Bambaren
Hope is the rainbow over the cascading brook of life.
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Death is the last step to maturity in life.
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
Thank you for the path you have taken with us. Thanks for the hand that has been so helpful to us. Thank you for being there.
The awareness of a fulfilled life and the memory of many good hours are the greatest happiness on earth.
Life is like a dream. Death is the awakening from this dream.
Death is a sleep in which individuality is forgotten:
Everything else is awakening again, or rather has stayed awake.
Arthur Schopenhauer
Death means nothing. I just crossed the threshold into the next room.
[...] I'm waiting for you - somewhere near you. All is well.
Death can also come kindly to people who are old,
whose hand no longer wants to hold on, whose eyes are tired,
whose voice says to me / only: It is enough. Life was good
You can no longer see the green garden in which you once so happily managed. You see the flowers no longer bloom because death took away your strength. For what you have given us out of love, any thanks are too small for that. What we have lost in you, we only know all by ourselves.
There is a silence - do you know it? In which one thinks
one must hear the individual minutes as they drip down into the ocean of eternity.
Maybe all the dragons of our lives are princesses just waiting
to see each other beautiful and courageous for once. Maybe everything terrible is basically the helpless
We take death on the way to the stars.
Since people could not find a cure for death, misery, ignorance,
in order to make themselves happy, they fall into the habit of not thinking about it.
The allegedly fully lived life is in truth "absurd", it lacks it in the end,
and truly at the real end, at death, always something.
The secret of love is greater than the secret of death.
The greatest of all evils is to part from the number of the living before dying.
The hard and rigid accompanies death.
The soft and weak accompany life.
Know your essence and you will attend the end without ending.
This is the primal secret of all existence, that life comes again from death
and every life, in order to last, has to renew itself again and again in death.
Albert Schweizer
Life is weaker than death, and death is weaker than love!
Khalil Gibran
The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the basic feeling
that is at the cradle of true art and science. Who doesn’t know it and don’t wonder
can no longer be amazed, he's dead, so to speak, and his eye has gone out.
Albert Einstein
What we fear to lose when death occurs is the structure
which thought built up as "I", the form, the name
and the bond to the form and to this name.
Because we speak of "death" to simplify things,
but there are almost as many of his kind as there are persons.
The enlightened person does not mourn the living or the dead.
The fig dies many times before it dies. The brave taste once only death.
William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar
The basic difference between youth and age always remains,
that the former has life in the prospectus, the latter death.
The body dies, but the spirit that surpasses it
cannot be touched by death. That means I am immortal spirit.
Ramana Maharshi, In: Great Masters of India, Jyotishman Dam
First we move with the times, then we move with the times.
Michael Richter
There is no death in the now
no life in the not-now.
Is now or not-now
the crucial question.
Andreas Tenzer
One must awaken the feeling of one's life as something that is sliding quietly within oneself.
The moment this succeeds, one is as close to death as to life.
Robert Musil
And it will always be me when I hear your name
put a little stab right in the heart.
Somewhere the flower of farewell blooms and keeps strewing pollen,
that we breathe across; even in the coming winter we breathe farewell.
I often wondered - where will you be after you leave this world.
In the stillness of my thoughts, I found the answer in my heart.
Everything changes with whoever is next to me or who is absent next to me.
Oh, you strode through the garden
Once again at a rapid pace
How I would like to wait
Waiting for hours.
When the rainbow faded
there came the albatross
and he carried me with gentle wings
far across the seven seas.
He carefully placed me on the edge of the light.
I entered and felt safe.
I did not leave you
I'm just a little ahead of you.
"The memory is a window
through which I can see you
whenever I want."
What was in my soul stays with you,
it will always be with you.
You will find it among the flowers
when they wither;
You will hear
when the bells ring out in the evening
and whenever you will remember me
I will stand in front of you.
And there are always traces of your life somewhere
Thoughts, images, moments, feelings.
They will always remind us of you
and never let you forget.
Quiet and quiet without a word
you left your loved ones
You had a good heart.
Now it is quiet, but unforgotten.
Although we grant you the rest
our heart is full of sadness.
See you suffer, can't help
that was the greatest pain for us!
Everything like yesterday
the tree is where it was.
Everything like yesterday
the houses well known.
Everything like yesterday
but today i'm so empty
Everything like yesterday
but you no longer exist.
Actually, everything was taken for granted:
that we talked to each other
to think together,
laughed, cried, argued and loved together.
Actually, everything was taken for granted
- just not the end -
Fades deep in the sky
Sad the last star
Go to sleep my heart it's time
Eternity blows cool.
In all people there is the premonition
beyond the grave to find those
who went before
and those around to gather
that are left after us.
Life is one big surprise.
I don't see why death shouldn't be a bigger one.
Vladimir Nabokov
There is no dying
there is only one change of worlds.
It was like heaven had
Silently kissed the earth
That they shimmer in bloom
Dream of him now.
The air went through the fields
The ears of wheat swayed gently,
The woods rustled softly
The night was so clear
And my soul tensed
Spread her wings
Flew through the still lands
As if she was flying home.
Joseph von Eichendorff
Death is simply stepping out
from the physical body,
in the same way as a butterfly
emerges from its cocoon.
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
Dying is just moving to a nicer house.
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
You think you are going to a funeral
but in reality you come to a birth.
Jostein Gaarder
If you take your love,
something like that is so determined.
D'Memory and d'Eternity,
that's what remains and where there is a dispute.
E monsch with sire dear kind
is deeply kept in the heart.
Friedrich Walter
When someone tells you that the soul passes with the body
and that what is once dead will never come back,
tell him, the flower perishes, but the seed remains
and lies before us, mysterious, like the eternity of life. "
Khalil Gibran
Before I started working with the dying
I didn't believe in the afterlife.
Now I believe in the afterlife with no shadow of a doubt.
It is not little time that we have, but a lot of time that we do not use.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca, 4 BC Chr
Hope is not the belief that something will turn out well
but the conviction that something makes sense, no matter how it turns out. "
Once we've done all of our chores on this earth,
are we allowed to throw off our body, which our soul,
like a cocoon holds the butterfly captive. When the time comes,
we can let our bodies go and we will be free from pain
free from fears and worries, free as a beautiful butterfly,
For what is limitless in you
lives in the palace of heaven,
whose gate is the morning mist
and whose window the songs and
are the silence of the night.
She is no longer there
but I will meet her every day and greet her,
because the smile she gave
her helping words and everything
what she did for me
will be with me all my life.
You who loved me so do not look to life
that I've finished, but on what I'm starting
Every end is a bright beginning!
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