What are some of the non-profit organizations

What is a non-profit organization (NPO)?

There is no uniform definition of what is meant by a non-profit organization. Basically there are both negative and positive definitions of the term. The most obvious definition is ex negativo, since the term itself is non-profit organizations from companies that pursue a profit-making intention (profit-making ventures). The prerequisite for being able to make such a distinction between profit and non-profit organizations is their common existence in a capitalist system.

If one orientates oneself on this very broad definition, then both public and private organizations and institutions count. B. schools, prisons, parties, churches, clubs and museums to the non-profit organizations.

The positive definitions are usually a bit narrower: According to them, an NPO must not only not pursue profit intent, it also has to go through a certain amount of profit Self-organization and certain formal ones Structures distinguish. Decisions would have to be made in the NPO itself - i.e. from within - without external influence. In the research literature, some authors also claim that an organization should not pay out, or at least partially, pay out any surpluses to members voluntary work must be based in order to have the status of a non-profit organization.

The term NPO is no legal name. Possible legal forms for a non-profit organization are - depending on the definition - registered associations, foundations, cooperatives, non-profit limited liability companies or public-law companies of a commercial nature.