Can I use WeChat in the UK?

WeChat - online marketing in China

A universal app for the Chinese traveler

WeChat now has over 1 billion monthly active users in China. No other Internet service is used more frequently and more intensively in China than WeChat, and no other browser either. WeChat is a universal app that offers many functions: For example, you can chat with friends about travel destinations, order a taxi to the train station, reserve a hotel, settle restaurant bills and send holiday photos to friends. Compared to other European countries where people use Facebook for messages, Instagram for photos and WhatsApp for messaging, WeChat in China is a super app that is incredibly versatile and also allows you to pay for everything from a cheap lunch to one Travel.

WeChat covers the customer's entire journey.

In the trend of increasing individualization of tourism marketing, WeChat influences every individual online booking by Chinese customers. From inspiration, a desire for a vacation, to the actual booking of a trip and the reflection of a completed trip, WeChat is the decisive point of contact. For example, you receive content and information from a WeChat account or from messages from friends and search for certain travel offers in the WeChat B2B booking portal. During the trip, the customer can also put holiday photos on his own WeChat account to share the experiences with family and friends. WeChat has enormous interaction power for Österreich Werbung, as all steps of the customer journey are mapped with the app. Put simply, we can only reach our target groups via WeChat.