Where can we get an IP address

Windows Find out the IP address - that's how it works


Every computer that is connected to the Internet is assigned an IP address. This is necessary so that the device can be clearly identified, because this is the only way that the data really arrives. Sometimes it can be helpful to know your own current IP address. Here you can find out how you can determine your IP address under the various Windows versions:

Find out the internal IP address under Windows

An internal or local IP address uniquely identifies a network device such as a PC or smartphone via a number within the network. You can find out how to determine the local IP address of your Windows PC in our step-by-step instructions, the quick start guide or in the explanatory video.


Determine external IP address via services

The external IP address is the number with which your router is known on the Internet. Regardless of the operating system you can also use your IP address Online services determine. To do this, visit e.g. My IP address from heise online. When you click on the link, your IP address will be displayed immediately.

Quick start guide: Internal IP address

  1. Open a "Run" window over [Windows] + [R].
  2. Now enter "cmd"and confirm with [Enter].
  3. Now enter the command "ipconfig"and confirm again with [Enter].
  4. Under the entry "IPv4 address"you will see the IP address of your Windows PC.