Does an EKG hurt?

Electrocardiogram (EKG)

The EKG can be used to see how your heart is working. A computer records your heart activity.

How is the investigation carried out?
During the EKG examination, you lie on a couch. Six electrodes will be attached to your chest and four more to your hands and feet. The electrodes are connected to the EKG machine, which records how your heart is working.


Other names:

Information on technology:
In the wall of the right auricle, an electrical impulse is sent over the entire heart muscle to the ventricles.
These impulses are recorded in the ECG. The device amplifies the impulses so that the result can be displayed as a curve on a screen or printed out on paper.

The first EKG machine weighed 175 kg, at least 4 people were required to operate it. The first portable device was created in 1926. The devices are now so small that they can be tied to the patient's waist.


What can you tell with it?
It can be used to diagnose diseases of the heart. The exam will be done if the doctor hears a strange heart murmur or if there are other signs of heart disease. Then the EKG is part of various examination steps:
1. Perform an ECG.
2. Listening and investigating.
3. Sonography.

Sometimes it is necessary to perform an ECG in addition to other illnesses, e.g. B. Determine side effects of therapies.