What do arch tattoos mean

90 unique tattoos of arrows (types and meanings)

The arrows existed in both ancient history and modern times and had a fundamental meaning in almost all cultures in the world. They were used in battles, for hunting and also appeared in various mythologies.

The ideas that can be used for tattoos of arrows are unlimited, because you can always use personal motifs or designs with great historical and cultural significance, but also remember that you should use your own design and shouldn't improvise. A tattoo is for a lifetime and you shouldn't make any mistakes with it.

A tattoo full of meaning

An arrow design is perfect for those people who had to go through resistance in their life to find the right path in their life in the end. You have developed a skill to keep moving forward. The tattoos of arrows also help as a reminder for the wearer to keep trying and accept what the future holds for you. The tattoos that represent a bow and arrow are for those who want to achieve a goal in their life but don't have many reasons to do so. It is as if they are moving away from their goal. A tattoo with an arrow shot from a bow shows the enthusiasm for a new stage. You always face your new challenges with joy.

On the other hand, the arrow tattoos are often viewed as a sign of masculinity. This is one of the reasons the majority who get this tattoo are male. But this doesn't mean that only men have this tattoo, women can also have this type of tattoo and customize it to their preferences.

The tattoos of arrows also have a connection with the xxx, which is also often represented by the bow and arrow. Usually the arrows are used to find love, power, strength and orientation in life. It means that you are moving forward, that you are on the right track and that you are not looking back into the past. Another meaning hidden behind this symbol shows that you are on the verge of changing your life, leaving the pain and the mistakes you made behind and looking for a second chance in your life. Every time you get your tattoo, you are full of strength and you realize that you can overcome every possible obstacle in order to achieve the goals in your life.

The 4 types of the most tattooed arrow tattoos

1. One arrow

An arrow can point in a specific direction. In real life the arrows serve as protection against everything negative. An arrow can change meaning depending on other symbols that accompany it. It can also mean peace and the end of a long conflict.

2. Two arrows

Two arrows crossed with each other can symbolize a strong friendship with someone or a group of friends. Each of the friends can tattoo a double arrow and thus represent an existing friendship. The arrows show that no one can destroy this friendship. Two arrows pointing in opposite directions represent war as watch out which way your arrows are pointing.

3. Multiple arrows

A tattoo that shows a group of arrows represents strength, preparation for war and unity. This type of tattoo has existed for a long time and we can find it in some of America's indigenous groups. In this era, the tattoos of multiple arrows were a symbol of unity between different tribes in times of war or between many families who hunted together. In Mongolia, they symbolized the teachings of Genghis Khan on the importance of the family and the unity between their children.

4. Broken arrows

Another well-known design is the broken arrow and it is mostly worn by people whose hearts are broken too. Even if there are people who think that the meaning of this tattoo is a little doubtful, it is more than clear. The tattoo can also represent peace and that a conflict is never a valid solution. The broken arrows are usually accompanied by diamonds, hearts, stars, sentences, flowers, dream catchers or compasses and look awesome when they are accompanied by text, because it allows text to be placed directly in front of them, which looks pretty modern.

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Mostly tattooed parts of the body

The small designs are mostly tattooed on the ankles, wrist, fingers or behind the ears. The middle tattoos are mostly tattooed on the legs, shoulders, chest, buttocks, arms or sides.

An arrow on the foot can also represent advancement towards a new life. It symbolizes going in a new direction without thinking about the past. As you already know, there are more painful areas than others and the arrows in the spine hurt a bit because there are 36 bones there and the needle can produce pain there. If you want something more provocative, the best areas are the lower back, sides, and buttocks.

How much does it cost to get an arrow tattoo?

The simplicity of the arrow tattoo ensures that the tattoo is not too expensive. The tattoo artists won't charge you much for this tattoo because these designs are not particularly complicated. Therefore, the arrow is perfect for a first tattoo. On the other hand, there are the Japanese styles that are only mastered by a few tattoo artists. Most of the tattoo parlors set their prices based on the time it takes to finish the tattoos. The arrows are between 100 and 250 euros for the more experienced tattooists.

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