How was bokeh invented

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What is this bokeh that everyone is always talking about? It has nothing to do with the bouquet, but comes from Japanese and describes the quality of the blurred area of ​​an image. Bokeh isn't just blur, it's the nature of the blur. Mostly these pretty circles of light are meant, which you often see in pictures. They occur (almost) only with photos with relatively open glare and of course only when there is a blurred area, the classic: A sharply depicted subject with a blurred background that has a nice bokeh. Or the whole picture is out of focus and consists of bokeh. Like here:

As you can see, light creates a beautiful bokeh. It doesn't always have to be sun, but something in the area of ​​the blurred background should reflect. Backlighting is very helpful with trees. Leaves and sun result in beautiful bokeh, sparkling water, city lights in the evening or, as here, a basket with Christmas tree balls at the Christmas market. A fast lens is important, i.e. in most cases a fixed focal length. The aperture should be wide open.

And what are lens flares? They are called lens flares in German, but they don't sound that good. If you want to create them on purpose, rule number 1 is: backlighting! The light source (e.g. the sun) should be in the picture or at least partially in it. Preferably not in the middle, but at the edge of the image, then the lens flares will be stronger. By the way, you can see them through the viewfinder and control them. Wide-angle lenses produce lens flares more easily than zooms, and in this case the fixed focal length (especially the one with a longer focal length) is not so ideal. But it also works with it. By the way: if you want the sun to produce beautiful rays, you have to stop down, so choose a smaller aperture (higher f-number). This also intensifies the lens flares. It is also helpful to cut the sun at the edge of the picture or with a tree etc. so that the light breaks. Oh yes, and the stray light filter can also be removed if you want to create lens flares πŸ™‚

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