How to clog a PVC drain pipe


The drainage of a building plays a major role in everyday life, a factor that quickly becomes noticeable when a drain pipe is clogged and the sewage can no longer run off properly. Laying a drainage pipe should only be done by a professionally trained craftsman who is very familiar with the subject. An amateur installation can lead to undesirable water damage, which has serious consequences and expensive repair costs. Sealing in particular requires craftsmanship and the necessary use of materials so that there is no dripping leak.

Buy, install, and seal the drain pipe

A drain pipe is available at any hardware store, e.g. B. at Hornbach and Bauhaus. The employees of the separate department of the hardware store are usually very familiar with the matter and can give you comprehensive advice so that there are no problems with the diameter or during installation. Both Hornbach and the Bauhaus offer various quality levels for the pipe material.

Since this is an everyday product, you shouldn't save on costs, but rather focus on quality. Only those who have mastered laying and sealing should do this work themselves, otherwise it makes more sense to ask a craftsman for advice or to hand over the work to him. For the last distance to the drain, an elbow is generally needed for the pipe that connects it to the basin.

Every connection piece and every bend must be waterproofed so that no wastewater can escape and cause damage.

Why is the drain pipe blocked?

A clogged drainpipe can have a number of reasons. The bathtub, shower, sink, toilet and wash basin each have a drain that can be blocked by various materials.

They usually wear in the bathtub, shower and washbasin Hair to blame for the constipation, in combination with soap residue, a greasy layer forms here, which no longer lets sewage through. The kitchen sink is usually clogged with scraps of food that are too large and cause a blockage in the pipe. With a simple sieve at the pipe opening by the drain, hair and food scraps can be caught and the problem is unnecessary.

In the Toilet usually the toilet paper and discarded sanitary towels and tampons lead to blockages in the pipe. To prevent these blockages, it is advisable not to throw hygiene items in the toilet. If the drainpipe blocks regularly, the toilet paper is also better to dispose of in the garbage can.

Clean the drain pipe

A clogged drainpipe can conventionally be cleaned with the tried and tested plunger. Experience has shown that the blockages dissolve very quickly through constant and strong pumping movements with the rubber bell at the drain.

In case of hardship, chemical drain cleaners help, which fix the problem directly in the pipe with the power of chemistry. If you prefer to do without the chemical club, you can also remove the siphon on the basin and try to locate the blockage in the pipe. If it succeeds, this must then be removed manually.

If the blockage is extremely deep, a spiral drainage pipe will help. With the quick turns, it eats its way through the blockages and loosens them.

Further help on cleaning the drainpipe: