Who is better Dembele or Asensio

Dembélé: just the right type of player

Dembélé is only a tender 20 years old and has already played one season at BVB. First of all, of course, Dembélé's style of play is interesting - the Frenchman is a dribbler. That is a good thing and extremely important for FC Barcelona in the current situation. The offensive lacked a type of player who was looking for one-on-one situations. What is noticeable about Dembélé is his strong performance, with which he has often left opponents behind and will certainly leave them a few more times in the future. His speed in general, both with and without the ball, is impressive. It is not uncommon for Dembélé to catch the ball near the center line and dribble to the baseline or pull into the center, creating opportunities for his teammates. A nice idea is when you think about how Messi could be staged by Dembélé in the near future. So you would have two playmakers on the offensive, both of whom have an extremely strong player repertoire.

Dembélé is difficult to control for many defenders. His quick hooks, strong starts and sudden changes of direction are too much for some opposing defenders. Dembélé's bipod makes him even more valuable. His ancestral position is that of the right winger. As a result, the winger can swap positions during the game and thus provide more flexibility. Furthermore, his two-footed position makes him more unpredictable for the defenders, as he can either pull into the center in a direct duel or sprint along the baseline.

Dembélé in the head and heart already Culé

His passion for FC Barcelona is exactly the right identification that the club needs and the fans expect from a player at Barça. Here are a few statements from Dembélé:

“I am very happy to be here. It has always been my dream to come to Barça. And now I am here and very happy to be living this dream. "

“It is a dream at the best club in the world to be with the best players in the world. That was a wish since I was a child. "

"My goal is to do everything for the club and the team - to have a good understanding of my teammates and to give everything in my power for FC Barcelona."

Future outlook

Dembélé's transfer was spot on. Its further development will be seen in the next weeks and months. With Umtiti and Digne, he has two team-mates whom he knows from the national team, who guarantee him a more familiar environment and who will definitely help him during his acclimatization period. With Messi, Iniesta and Busquets around him, he will also develop playfully and a bright future at Barça awaits.

You are asked: Are you looking forward to Dembélé so much? Do you think the young Frenchman has what it takes to be really big?