Miley Cyrus is an only child

Miley Cyrus: No kids because of climate change

"We're being offered a rocked-down planet - and I refuse to pass it on to my children."

That's what hit singer Miley Cyrus (26) says in an interview with the magazine "Cubit". The statement behind it: You don't want to have children because of the climate crisis.

“Until I notice that my child can live on an earth with fish in the water, I will not bring anyone into the world to fight with it. We will not reproduce because we know that the world cannot handle it. "

▶ ︎ According to "Business Insider“Of Miley's generation, 38 percent (18 to 29 year olds) decided against having children for exactly the same reasons.

The singer goes one step further: “The same thing we do to the earth, we do to women. We take and take and expect to be produced. And the earth is exhausted. She cannot produce. "

“We expect the planet to be always populated. And when that is not part of our plan or our intentions, we often face judgment and anger. Then laws will be changed that force you to do so - even if you become pregnant as a result of a violent situation. ”And further:“ If you don't want children, people will pity you as if you had a cold. Or you are a heartless slut who is unable to love. "

Miley has been married to Hollywood star Liam Hemsworth (29) since 2018. Thanks to his older brothers Chris (35) and Luke (37), he is already an uncle seven times. So if the two of them long for the screams of children, they can easily live it out in their large family ...