How are different sciences related to psychology?

What is business psychology?

Compared to many other courses of study, business psychology is a very young discipline. Nevertheless, it is very popular, as many students have recognized their potential and the associated career opportunities in recent years. Here we want to introduce you to a brief definition of the terminology and give you an insight into the highly interesting subject and its numerous facets and sub-areas.

Business psychology studies always operate at the interface between business and psychology. Sure, that's what the name says. But this information alone is certainly not enough if the choice of course is to be made on a well-informed basis. That is why you not only get a definition of "business psychology" here, but also examples from everyday life and the professional world as well as typical course content. With this knowledge, nothing can go wrong with your choice of study.

To make it even easier for you to choose your degree or in the event that you are already sure that a business psychology degree is the right decision for you, we have listed the right universities for you here.

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