What is the value of coworking

Everything about coworking space

Co-working space vs. traditional office

Coworking space or Coworking office is on everyone's lips. In more and more cities there are freely accessible offices that enable flexible work in an inspiring working atmosphere. But how does co-working differ from the traditional office? And what are the real advantages of working in a coworking space? We give you an insight into this special form of workplace organization.

Coworking - what is it?

Coworking is an expression for a workplace that is freely accessible and flexibly available to employees against payment of a rental fee. In most cases, coworking spaces are large, open spaces. Sometimes there are large offices, other times entire floors of a loft or a converted industrial building. The concept of the shared office with time-limited and flexible office rent originally stems from the startup scene in the USA and has also increasingly established itself in Europe in recent years.

At well-equipped workplaces, people from various industries work either in small teams or independently next to each other. In contrast to working in an office or an office community, employees can rent the premises flexibly either for a few days or for several months and thus design business and workplaces freely as required.

Who uses coworking spaces?

As more and more professionals have recognized the value of coworking space, it is available in more and more cities around the world. Co-working is particularly interesting for smaller startups, freelancers, designers and creatives as well as consultants. So all those who only need a small office to work, but do not have the necessary change for their own premises. But not only the self-employed belong to the growing group of coworking advocates. Some companies also send employees of smaller project groups to work rooms outside the company building for a limited period of time. They hope that it will generate more creativity and ideas that go beyond the box.

The industries that use coworking space are very diverse:

  • marketing
  • design
  • IT
  • programming
  • PR
  • Copywriting

Why is coworking space so popular?

In the digital age in which we move, it is theoretically possible to work on numerous tasks regardless of location. The establishment of freely accessible workplaces is therefore not only sensible, but also future-oriented. The concept of the co-working space allows everyone (whether permanent or freelance) to have their own To organize work flexibly. An example: while working parents prefer to work in the morning to early afternoon, there are enough people who only reach their personal highs in the late afternoon and are only most creative at the end of the day. A workstation is therefore flexibly available to several people throughout the day.

Even those who only need their own office in phases or who rely on the use of a group room with their team will usually find what they are looking for with providers of coworking space. Even the flexible reduction or expansion of the team can usually be implemented without any problems. To be added short notice periods of the lease as well as numerous events and eventsthat is not just that We-feeling strengthen, but also Opportunities for personal development Offer. Because especially those who work alone most of the time, sooner or later often long for a community that enables exchange and represents values ​​similar to those of oneself.

Setting up a coworking space: what does it take?

In addition to companies such as shareDnC, which have specialized in the marketing of flexible workplace solutions, companies are now also offering their unused workstations or entire floors of these for rent.

In order to create a coworking space from an unused space, the following requirements should be met:

1. The room layout:

A combination of an open work area and separate individual offices and group rooms is ideal. In this way, not only individuals, but also entire teams are enabled to work independently.

2. The workplace equipment:

Basically, all you need is a desk and ergonomically shaped desk chair and at least two power outlets per person. If you want to go a step further, you can also provide your users with a roll container or office cupboard. Your own, preferably lockable, shelf compartment is also helpful for stowing work equipment.

3. Provision of internet, printer and co .:

Internet access, printers and scanners are usually included in the rent. Projectors, flipcharts and whiteboards are also welcome tools that make teamwork easier. Furthermore, rooms should be available to the coworkers away from the workplace. This includes a kitchen as well as seminar and meeting rooms.

What requirements does coworking space place on its users?

Freely translated, coworking means working together. Because even if everyone works for himself, a wide variety of characters come together who should know how to deal with each other in an open office.

Therefore, coworking space requires the following values ​​from its users in order to function in the long term:

  • openness
  • thoughtfulness
  • collaboration
  • and community

If these characteristics are given on the part of the office space user, nothing stands in the way of the successful use of coworking space.

Coworking: what are the advantages and disadvantages?

After you have learned how coworking space works and what requirements must be met, we would like to conclude with the advantages and disadvantages of flexible workplaces. You will receive the following overview with the most important points:

Benefits of coworking space 

Disadvantages of coworking space

  • Perfect for all those who cannot or do not want to afford their own premises
  • Users can benefit from the know-how of the other tenants
  • Coworking enables the exchange with people from different professions and industries
  • Flexible rental period: days, weeks and months as well as short notice periods
  • Use of office materials on site at no additional cost
  • Newly acquired contacts can lead to new orders, enable joint projects or advance your own company
  • Noise background can be similar to that in an open-plan office
  • Depending on how many workplaces and group rooms are available, an additional agreement on the use of the room is necessary
  • Depending on the personality of the coworker, conflicts can arise

Reasons for coworking: all advantages at a glance

Even if the provision of coworking space involves some organizational effort and may involve some initial investments, the majority of the reasons speak in favor of the concept.

  • Economically sensible use of resources
  • Constantly growing target group through freelancers, startups and project groups
  • Coworking as a trailblazer for new ideas and concepts
  • Concentrated industry knowledge in one place, which is shared through joint events and networking events

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