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Sebastien Tellier: "Confection"

From Martin Böttcher

CD Cover Sebastien Tellier: "Confection" (Record Makers)

On his new album, Sebastien Tellier shows himself to be an uncompromising musician who hops from genre to genre and shows a predilection for musky exotic sounds. But the whole thing with perfect sound.

Anyone who starts their album with a song called "Adieu" is either confused or a real checker! Like Sebastien Tellier, who knows very well that pop culture is a game that can be kept exciting with the help of contradictions and expectations that are sometimes fulfilled, sometimes disappointed.

Tellier's voice can only really be heard in one song on this album, "L'amour naissant" - the budding love: as catchy and beautiful as the bearded Parisian sings, the rest of "Confection" is so different. Sweet instrumentals that sound like the soundtrack to a 70s erotic film determine the rest of the album. And they have corresponding names: "Delta Romantica" for example.

Above all, this is how the new album by French musician Sebastien Tellier sounds: sweet, pompous, instrumental, greasy violins meet 70s soft rock enthusiasm, a sound that is guaranteed not to please everyone, who is likely to leave many perplexed or disapproving.

Tellier is once again living up to his reputation as an uncompromising musician who primarily follows his own, slightly out-of-the-way preferences. That led him to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008, where he was the first Frenchman to sing almost entirely in English and was punished for this with 18th place and a lot of criticism.

But it has also turned him into a kind of Serge Gainsbourg 2.0, who, like the master in the past, jumps from genre to genre, can do piano ballads as well as synth pop, film music and songs suitable for radio. It's not entirely clear to me where Tellier's enthusiasm for clichéd, erotically charged music comes from, but it hits the right spot!

Label: Record Makers