Children should be restricted for cell phones

From when ...? The age of the child and the use of the internet / smartphone

Young people between the ages of 12 and 13 almost all (95 percent) have their own smartphone (JIM study 2018) - and the number of children who have a smartphone in primary school is increasing.

Before giving your child a smartphone, you should consider the following: Parental control over Internet use is severely limited with a smartphone. Any communication and interaction that can be used with a computer can also be carried out via a smartphone: Chatting (via Messenger such as WhatsApp) and online games are just as possible as downloading photos, music and films or installing apps. Looking over the child's shoulder or checking the user account like on a PC at home is more difficult with a smartphone.

In short: you should only treat your children to a smartphone if you trust them to use it responsibly! The Internet ABC therefore recommends that a child should receive a smartphone with Internet access at the age of 12 at the earliest. If necessary, the child can have a cell phone without internet access earlier.

The age information is a general guide. See if your child already knows how to deal with the dangers of the Internet. What if your child receives chain letters? Or disturbing content? Does it have the self-confidence to withstand the request of others to do something "forbidden"?

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