Who is Bob from Chattanooga

Washington Influential US Senator Bob Corker has sharply criticized the Volkswagen auto company for its plans to unionize the VW plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Germans behaved "terribly naive" and were about to commit one of the "biggest mistakes in their corporate history", the republican politician told the Handelsblatt (Monday edition).

At the urging of the works council and IG-Metall, the Wolfsburg-based talks with the American auto union UAW have started. The aim is to set up a works council based on the German model of co-determination. Corker, who was Chattanooga Mayor before he entered the Senate, said he was "deeply disappointed".

During the negotiations about the location of the plant, he received the top German managers at his home. At that time it was signaled to him that VW had no intention of getting involved with the UAW. Now he has to worry about the well-being of his hometown: Chattanooga as an investment location would suffer if the UAW succeeds in gaining a foothold there. Should it come to that, "I would not get rid of the feeling that I had abandoned my home country because I was so committed to bringing VW to Chattanooga," said Corker.

The largest automakers in the world

Honda - 4.28 million vehicles sold

Hardly any other car company in the world has increased its sales as strongly as the Japanese. The bottom line is a plus of a whopping 12 percent.

Nissan 5.1 million vehicles sold

In Germany, the Qashqai SUV is particularly popular, but the Japanese are also doing well around the world. The bottom line is an increase in sales of around three percent.

Ford - 6.33 million vehicles sold

The Americans not only have one of the best years in the company's history behind them, but with the Focus they once again have the best-selling car in the world in their ranks. But that's not enough for the podium.

Hyundai / Kia- 7.61 million vehicles sold

The rapid growth of the past few years has cooled off somewhat, but the Koreans are still growing steadily. Despite their strong domestic currency, the duo is in positive territory in terms of sales.

The senator stressed that he was not a union enemy. He himself used to be a union member and later ran a unionized company. However, he is a staunch opponent of the UAW. You have a large part in the decline of General Motors, Ford and Chrysler and in the decline of the car city of Detroit. "I wish Detroit all the best, but I never want to see my home become what Detroit is," he said.

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